Sunday, January 10, 2016

ROW80 Sunday check-in: busy, busy.

ROW80 progress from Monday to Sunday. Blue = making progress or completed. Red = not started yet.

--Finish editing Rivers of Stone, 5 out of 7 days each week. Steady progress so far. 2 of 3 days. 
--Review ACX recordings for audio version of Standing Stones, minimum of 2 chapters a day until finished (so far 54 out of 65 chapters complete). Complete by January 15. 
Completed the last chapters. This is pretty exciting as ACX will now review and, if approved, distribute my first audio book!!! 
--Blog x3 each week on ROW80, Writing & Travel blogs. Done. 

--Serve as ROW80 sponsor, participate in WIPpet Wednesday, Poets on the Page Mondays, and the Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG). Completed ROW80 article, read x5. Read x4 WIPpet Weds. Need to read POP and IWSG.
--Build realistic marketing plan. Read first 60 pages of Carolyn Johnson's The Frugal Book Promoter. Took a few notes, but I'm not seeing a clear path . . . yet.
--Reading. Review 2 books by indie writers each month (Jensen in progress; Annette Drake up next). No progress yet. 

--Exercise minimum 2x week, building to 3x week. Ran around a lot this last week. No formal exercise.

--Decluttering.  E-mail under 150. Office a little cluttered with too many projects. By end of next week: clean up WSQ projects, write letters.

--Quilting: Finished a comfort quilt top and another panel top for a baby quilt. 

Signed up for a quilting workshop with Sandy Turner at the end of the month. Oh, I'm excited about this. We take our sewing machines, fabric and rulers, and learn all kinds of new strategies for quilting. Her book, Big Print Patchwork, is already a classic.

Today, I'll babysit a one-year-old for a few hours. Last night, the four-year-old ran around her house, turning the lights off and shouting, "Mom, Dad, the power's off. We have to have a sleep-over at Gramie's!"

May you have a good week -- and check in with what other writers are doing for A Round of Words in 80 Days , , , ROW80 right HERE.


  1. As usual, you are doing fantastic on your goals. Good for you! I'm still waiting patiently for Rivers of Stone to come out.
    I've been messing around making quilt squares, but have decided to make a t-shirt quilt from the stack of t-shirts my son can't part with but which will never fit him again! Wish me luck with that!

  2. Your first audio book. That's exciting! Yay!

    Excellent progress on your goals, and the quilt is beautiful. Hopefully you learn a few new tricks/techniques at the workshop you're taking.

    Have a wonderful week and happy writing, Beth!


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