Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ROW80 Check in: Busy . . . Busy.

Good news. DH finally is healing from his back injury. The pain level is down to about 4 (out of 10), and he's up and about, walking, and of good cheer. So I can only report progress in all other areas, right?


1. Write a minimum of 750 words and/or 4 hours of editing on Rivers of Stone. So far, wrote 2 of 3 days (3 hours). Will write the monthly post for Insecure Writers Study Group a little later tonight.

2. Marketing: A speaker was unable to attend, so I prepped presentation for tomorrow's local author meeting: How to organize your Media Kit, set up Interview Questions, and draft 30-day action steps to meet your marketing goals. Working on this project got me kickstarted on my own marketing plan!

3. Delete at least 150 e-mails. Deleted 350 but still way too many to go. Goal by Sunday, another 250 deleted.

4. Read book by indie writer for review. Ha! Still reading and enjoying escapist genre fiction. Did read 14 books for April and reviewed 2. Read James Patterson's 12th of Never in May. Interesting POV shift each chapter. Lots of action. I must confess I'm reading a story about a fire-fighting SEAL just now.

5. Editing. Continue developing content for WSQ 40-page program that goes to print in October. Worked on this 3x last week. Revamped some format. Goal before Sunday: Send out 3 more e-mails requesting content. 
Beth and Annie
Bloomsday (May 2016)

6. Other: Transfer photos from at least one of two dead computers. Nada. Worked on my first experiment with strip quilting. Happily finished that 7.5 mile walk on Sunday, May 1 for Bloomsday! Overall, feeling grateful and at peace. May the coming week be a good one for you.

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  1. Busy indeed!

    I just moved from VT to CO and I'm THRILLED with the multitude of local writers' groups! There's one just for Spec Fic, some meeting are just to get together and talk over coffee, there are critique groups... SO MUCH WONDERFULNESS!!!

  2. So happy your spouse is feeling better, Beth! And you've made good forward progress in lots of ways, so hooray for you!

    Our week involved preparing for a girl I love to get a new kitten she can love. Lots of shopping; not all kitten related, because growing girls need new clothes.

    I've been indulging in a lot of reading of things I wrote a year or so ago, and relaxing a bit after a very intense April.

    May the rest of the week pass blissfully!

  3. glad other half is feeling bit better - and you have done well this week - don't the e-mails stack up fast - did get mine down to about 50 - didn't look for a few days and they are up to 500+ - it's a honey trap! - I'm bust yransfering family history from a defunct machine at moment - great fun isn't it:) keep smiling:)


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