Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ROW80: Just Checking in on Weds

And here's my check-in for A Round of Words in 80 Days, that process of setting goals and checking in twice weekly to evaluate my writing progress, with thanks to Kait Nolan, our fearless leader, who reminds us we can persevere with writing and recognize that 'real life' continues around us. 

--Goal for the week 6 out of 7 days. So far? 2 out of 3 days. This week, I'm organizing research, slotting ideas into different parts of the mss. Fascinating process for I realized that the history matters to me. I want my story as close to what happened, rather like riffing around what is true rather than explaining in an afterword what I changed. 
--Blogging: Drafted a schedule (and one post) for blog posts. Goal: 4-6 posts a week. Not sure if this will work because my primary writing goal is still finishing Rivers of Stone this year, with beta reads scheduled for August. Themes: Monday Musing (writing), Weds: ROW80 and WIPpet. Throw-back Thursday. Friday Focus: Historical Fiction. Sunday: ROW80.

--Workshop on self-publishing completed. Still applying what I've learned. Goal: Update website. So far? Reviewed my website. Need to look at websites I like & do some more research. My site doesn't look too bad as is, but is it appealing to readers? 
--Set up another workshop tied to some aspect of writing.  Identified 3 possible venues. Making calls today. 
--Other: Developed marketing checklist. Watched 2 marketing videos, one 25 minutes long, the other 5 minutes. Both had little gems. 

--Goal? To delete 200 and bring e-mail down to 160. So far? Finally. Progress. Deleted down to 120. Most helpful tip for me: Relist e-mails by sender and unsubscribe where volume exceeds value. New mantra? Delete when I'm done reading or acting on  an e-mail!  
--By Sunday? Update cluttered Kindle (another place I read and don't delete).

--B. A. Shapiro's The Muralist. Interesting story switches from contemporary setting, first person narrator to third person, Eleanor Roosevelt and a community of artists during the W.P.A.  
--Also read Fall Out (Navy SEAL story with lots of adventure) by Zoe York and Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea (an x-rated romance featuring well developed scenes and lovely quotes from e. e. cummings) by Kris Calvert. By Sunday: Start reading indie book for review.

The mail brought a surprise: A copy of Old Broads Waxing Poetic, a collection of poems by 8 'old broads' with proceeds to CARE International. Hmm. Maybe here's my review.

--First round of info for WSQ program in for editing. By Sunday: Edit & send 2 e-mails for more info. 
--Exercise? Daily 10-minute walks with DH. Resume swimming x3/week. 
--Quilting? Going to put an applique bird and a few applique coffee cups on that modern quilt. It just doesn't 'feel' done.

Today I take a friend for pre-cataract surgery appointment, and I'm grateful that life is nearly 'normal' once again. DH's planning trips.

Why not check out what other ROW80 writers are doing this week? And stop by to read ROW80 sponsor Steph Nickel's inspirational article (yes, tied to writing), "Why I Love Camping!"

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  1. Hi Beth, Impressed that you manage multiple blog posts - I'm quite erratic sometimes working on my blog so only just found your 1st May comment - thanks very much for the advice on publishing.

    Re the ROW80 blog list - they used to put a link on the blog links page for javascript code to use if you have either a self-hosted or other hosted (like yours I think) but they've taken it off for some reason. So I reuse my code (self-hosted) and edit the link number to the new one. Don't think that code would work on yours and I don't have a copy of that one as I never needed to use it. Not sure who we'd ask re is the omission an oversight.

    Re email newsletters, I've heard people say that giving away a small piece of prose can be an incentive.

    1. Thanks, Pam. I love your ideas . . . but you can tell I'm behind this week. Maybe blame it on the rain. Small bit of prose, hmmm. So maybe a poetry book? Still thinking about it. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  2. Beth,
    It is weirdly interesting to see what other people consider worth doing on a daily basis. Are you blogging on more than one blog?
    I am, of course, always interested in what you're reading, including hot romances! Try Serenity Woods, as Aussie romance writer who works hard at characterization and believable emotion.
    Always interested in what marketing material you are viewing, although you didn't link that out.
    Nice to see you balancing exercise and quilting with writing, research, and blogging--gives me hope!
    My birthday bash is Sat May 21 if you find yourself back in Oregon next week.

    1. As always, Sandy, we remain connected in so many ways. Wish I could travel south for your birthday and some nice Oregon sunshine. Meanwhile, I'll keep plugging along . . . and writing, researching, all the rest. Hugs to YOU, birthday girl!

  3. I totally hear you about the tension between blogging and writing the "real" work, Beth. Both sides of the argument are persuasive.

    I am in the midst of decluttering my house and cubicle at the day job. The electronic mess is waiting, silently mocking me. I'll get there, but good job on your decluttering!

    1. Hello, Elizabeth. Good progress on decluttering this week. I had signed up for a few online marketing workshops. Ooops! They really filled my inbox up. Sometimes I think both blogging and writing are needed to keep the connections between all we do as writers . . . and for when we fall behind.

  4. Things have a way of popping unexpectedly, I am also in the midst of yard clean up and other chores. Typing words is easy, but the flow of words of one's world is another thing.

    Nice quilt by the way :)

    1. Yes, the flow of words. If those words go well, all the rest is just fine. If the words slow down, then so do I. That's this week, any way. Thank you for visiting, and I hope your week goes well.


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