Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ROW80 Weds Trucking right along . . .

Breathe! It's Wednesday already as we head toward the last third of May. My report today for A Round of Words in 80 Days shows goals by Sunday, May 22, and progress so far this week:
Blue = great progress! Green = Hanging in there. Red = Nada.

Writing: Minimum of 750 words and/or 4 hours of editing on Rivers of Stone. So far 3/3 days with steady progress on adding new material and editing.

Marketing: Take one action step each day. 3/3 days so far. Met today with senior center. Result? Invited to talk about workshops and/or presentations to a meeting of some 10 different program coordinators in early June. Tweeted. Result? Invited to participate in #HomeTownReads, a website that promotes local authors by city. Revised website slightly and updated Media sheet. 

Declutter: Keep e-mails under 150. Working on this. I have lots of new material to review related to marketing so inbox up to 220. 

Reviews. Start reading book by indie writer for review. Haven't made good progress here, but received amazingly helpful beta comments from Cori Lynn Arnold for my draft Mothers Don't Die. Did reread Caren Rich's Mystic Brew and hope to review by Sunday. 

Winter Rambling Comfort Quilt Top
--Set up WSQ program format and action list, and send out preliminary e-mails to gather content. 3x week. No progress yet. 
--Be mindful to keep stress levels down. Continue exercise daily. Short walks with hubby every day. Not enough but steady progress.
--Quilt. Finished another comfort quilt today (riffed off a panel, flannel backed, wheelchair size)!

Reading: The most helpful article I read this week was Constance Hale's article, "Good Grief: Seven Stages of Manuscript Drafts Can Lead to Success" (The Writer, June 2016). Short and humorous, Hale's comments helped me pinpoint where my draft is (somewhere between her "Prozac draft" and "The long slog"), AND how to stay somewhat balanced throughout the process of editing the 'whole darn thing.'

May you have a good week writing and reading. Why not visit other ROW80 writers and give them a helpful wave or comment! 

And could you let me know which incentive for signing up for my very occasional newsletter works best for you: Chance to win a free audiobook link? Or download a free poetry book? Or free novella? 


  1. You are continuing to make progress and way to go with your marketing successes.
    And I wouldn't need any incentives to receive your newsletter, but if I had to pick, it would probably be the free novella.
    Best wishes for another successful week.

    1. Thank you, Chris, for voting. I'm sort of working on that novella . . . between other projects. So I might go with a short story first. Perseverance furthers!

  2. I'll have to peek at that article in The Writer... balance, it seems, is something I am sorely lacking in.

    BTW, I love, Love, LOVE the news about how your marketing experiences are going. Those small steps seem to be leading you somewhere, Beth. (And congrats on the 3/3 days progress on Rivers of Joy... we'll give the emails and reviews time to sort themselves out a bit.)

    1. Thank you, Eden, for stopping by. If every marketing effort I try has a positive result, maybe the whole process will become easier? One can hope!


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