Thursday, June 9, 2016

ROW80: Weds Morning Check-Up

Good progress this week so far. Most of my energy has gone to prepping for today's presentation re possible readings and promotion to about 15 folks who schedule such events. That's this morning at 8am. 

My biggest hope is that someone will bite and host a Veteran's Day reading for those writers in our group who write military fiction. Maybe a Saturday workshop. We'll see.

Why do I love complicated projects? Is it the organizing? Creating structure out of chaos? Making something of value happen? Don't know. But I did volunteer to coordinate PR for our author's group. We don't even have a directory (first stop getting info on Excel). 

Rivers of Stone goes out to one beta reader this week. This is the first rough draft and I'll hope for the second round of 'true' beta reads by August. That's a good two months for final revision. Process? Printed out and bound the whole darn thing for the read through.

OK it is Thursday morning. Early. But you do know Golden State lost to the Cavaliers last night? Since Sunday, progress on June's goals:

  • Progress: Draft Granny Vampire, 1,000 words. Added 400 words.
  • Progress: Send Rivers of Stone to 2 beta readers. Got the draft printed and bound. Changed my mind about 2 beta readers. Only one.
  • DONE: Submit quilting article to The Country Register
  • Not yet: Submit monthly WRITING CLINIC article to SASP Newsletter.
  • Progress: Post blogs on Mon (Monday Musings: Disposable?), Weds (ROW80), Friday, and Sunday. Stay current with blog hops and ROW80 sponsor duties. Posted 2x, Read 4x. Not sure I can keep posting 4x a week.

  • Not yet: Mothers Don’t Die (Chapters 1-10).
  • Not yet: Rivers of Stone (Chapters 1-20)
  • Progress: Read 3 chapters a week for Justice (beta read). Chap 3 done.

  • Progress: Read 10 books and write 2 reviews. Finished 2 books. No reviews. Yet.
  • Progress: Reading & taking notes Orson Scott Card, Characters & Viewpoint (Chap 1 completed) and writing craft magazines x2 (not yet). Card is inspirational, prompting me at the draft stage to do the background work on characters BEFORE drafting. Usually I draft scenes and let the characters emerge through action.

Not yet: Focus on audiobook marketing & newsletter.

Another highlight? Sharing birthday sushi and cupcakes with my granddaughter. How many four-year-olds love sushi?

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  1. You've got a lot going on, but it sounds like you're making good progress toward your goals. Happy writing and revising, Beth! And adorable pic of your granddaughter.


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