Sunday, March 26, 2017

ROW80: Happy dance at home!

Today's Sunday and time to check in for A Round of Words in 80 Days, the writing challenge that knows you have a life. We're supposed to be taking a break between the first round of 80 words and the second, with no more check-ins until April 2, but I'm checking in each Sunday. Because IF I stop, I truly do stop!

I'm doing that happy dance because (ta-da) I'm finally healthy again. After being nasty sick for over 4 weeks, the life force has returned. I leap out of bed and can get stuff DONE. Yippee. OK, ok, so sometimes in the afternoon, there's a little slump. But mostly, I'm back, still sipping hot tea to ease that lingering tickle in the throat.

More good news. I finished revising Section 04 (32K words), and Section 05 of Rivers of Stone, the last section has only 9K words. This means no more (fictional) facing white water or plodding through snow, as my characters come down the Great Columbia River to Fort Vancouver and the end of the story!

First sight of Mount Hood on the Columbia River
(called Mount Timm in 1846)
Painting by James Everett Stuart (Artnet)

Progress this week:

  • Revision: 13 chapters this week; added 1,173 words.
  • Marketing: Updated photo on all platforms. Handed out bookmarks.
  • Other: Finished a scrappy comfort quilt, met with writers' group, walked x3. Almost ready to resume swimming.
Goals for the coming week:
  • Begin last section, Rivers of Stone.
  • Marketing: Persevere with one more step.
  • Other: Work on Leah's recipes, quilting, meet w/writers' group. And swim!
May you ALL have a great week!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better, Beth, and look at all that progress!! Looks like it was a good week.

    I'm not too good at taking breaks, either. I'd rather stick to my usual routine and keep up the momentum.


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