Wednesday, March 1, 2017

ROW80: Weds check-in Somewhere north of Stockton . . .

Maybe life has returned to "normal" as I'm checking in on both Sunday and Wednesday. Thank you, Shan Jeniah, for double-posting the check-in link at the linky AND on FB.

ROW80 Progress/Goals for Week 8:
  1. Wrote 1,009 words since Monday 2/27. Now editing Chapter 5  (Section 4). These revisions are coming too easily, making me doubt myself. Ah well, maybe I could call this a first draft revision and just keep moving forward! 
  2. Plan to write monthly blog post for Insecure Writers Support Group due today. Optional March question: Have you ever pulled out an old story and reworked it? How did that turn out?
  3. Need to finish article for Country Register.
  4. Read at least 6x for ROW80 and IWSG. So far read 2x.
Snippet from today's writing -- just for fun as Cat continues disguised as a boy on her journey from the Plains to Norway House in 1846. Cat, left behind with an ailing guide, Gourley while Canadian artist Paul Kane goes for help, was rescued by two men from the fort.

“Three days,” said Cat. “Somehow I kept Gourlay on the cart, and we headed north. I didn’t know if the wolves or the Sioux were going to get us, and then we got to the Stinking River. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to cross with him in the cart.”

“No river had a better name.”

Cat kept talking, as if she couldn’t believe she was with people again. “Mosquitoes everywhere. All muddy. No place to sleep. Our horse kept getting stuck in the mud.  I’m grateful you kept looking for us.”

The other man, a constable in a gray coat, pointed back at the river. “Kane told us he got lost out here in the mud, almost had to shoot his horse. Lucky for you he found the fort.”

Yeah, lucky for me, thought Cat. I might just shoot him myself.

May the rest of Week 8 go well for all ROW80 writers. We're still driving north, with over 1,000 miles to go. Our mantra, "What else could go wrong?" This morning, I woke with a bad cold.

Passed near Joshua Tree National Park yesterday, through the Tehachapi Mountains at 70+ mph, lots of traffic on the freeways, no one follows the posted speed limit, but we then dropped into the beautiful, rolling hills of the Great California Valley, highlighted by fields of flowering, sweet-smelling almond trees.


  1. I love Joshua Tree, and have fond memories of the two days we spent there. I'd love to get back.

    It sounds like Cat has had herself quite the unpleasant adventure. I hope she weathers this storm, and you weather your cold, as well.

    As for the double-posting, I want to be sure everyone who wants it has access to the support network and community ROW80 provides, because it's done so much for me, and many others.

    I'm glad there's a way for those who don't like Facebook to still participate!

    1. Me too Shan, though it really does take a village. I'm very appreciative of everything you and Eden do to keep ROW80 running!

  2. Well, Cat's certainly got a lot on her mind there. No shooting yet though, I hope. (Love the part about the Stinking River... probably a very common name at certain times of the year in some places :-) )

    And... now something less fun

    :-( I really wish I didn't feel so left out of all these accolades, but truthfully... I do. Yes, it's petty, but really, if I didn't write up the check-in post and maintain the linky tool and then msg the ROW80 bloglink to Shan each check-in day (Shan does sometimes have to remind me we're getting close because I have run late a few days)... there would be no ROW80 blog these days.

    Sorry... I mean, I appreciate what Shan does too. She keeps me on time, and I like to think I'm helping her too. And all of us... But, when you commented on the blog (even though the post clearly said it was written by me) telling Shan that she should add stuff... it felt like I was completely invisible here, Beth.

    Argh... sorry for the rant. Needed to say this though, because it hurt.

    1. Thank you for posting, Eden. This may be why Kait Nolan backed out of the every day. Yesterday we drove 400 miles and I have a really bad head cold. I just wanted to say thannk you -- and I appreciate all you do as well, for week by week, we try to stay on top of reporting in. So, Eden thank you for all that you do. Please forgive my oversight.

    2. You know... if I could have taken it back after hitting click, I would have, but then, I may not have... yesterday I was extra emotional and tizzied and just not seeing straight (ask Shan... I was melting over everything). I was hurt, but I know you were just grateful and happy things were working and wanted to express that... and I was too...maybe hormonal to see that. All I know was I was a whimpery whiney mess yesterday about any little thing, and this was just "one more thing". It made no sense, but it... was.


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