Sunday, September 9, 2018

ROW80: About Mermaids and Goals

Today and through Sept 12, here's my THANK YOU to everyone who loves myths from other cultures and short stories: My book, The Mermaid Quilt & Other Tales is absolutely FREE on Amazon (Kindle format).  So, go get it! Send the link to a friend. Celebrate writing by sharing.

Now back to reality. As we move ever so fast to the end of Round 3 (ending September 20), how are we all doing with those goals we set so long ago at the beginning of summer? I had far too many BUT have accomplished a few. For now, I'd rather share what's working from this week:

  1. WRITING: Making slow but steady progress on The Seventh Tapestry, but picked up another beta reader (Thank you, Richard). Successfully uploaded updated back matter for all three Stones books (you have no idea how much work that entailed). Now I can move on to just ONE of those other goals that have been in the pending list far too long. Posted on my writing blog for IWSG: What publishing path did I follow and why?
  2. COMMUNITY: Sent newsletter to subscribers!!!! Tied to Mermaid Quilt giveaway. Read other ROW80 posts x6. Attended local RWA chapter meeting.
What's next for my goals for the coming week?
  1. Write Guest Blog post for my writing blog.
  2. Minimum 1,000 words on The Seventh Tapestry.
  3. Read other blogs x8.
  4. Write Guest Blog post for local RWA.
Took a few days off!!! Celebrated Grandparents' Day in style at Silverwood (an annual tradition).

Silverwood 2018
Happy end of the summer. Find out what other ROW80 writers are up to on the blog or on FaceBook. And, write on!


  1. Slow but steady progress is still good.

  2. So sad to think of the end of summer. Let's all hope for a long, mild-weathered Fall.


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