Sunday, October 14, 2018

ROW80 The morning after the night before . . .

Very early this morning, about 3:30 am, a young man tried to beat his way into the apartment next door to ours. Shouting obscenities and throwing rocks, he came back three times over the next four hours. The last time, he tried to batter the door down with a large rock. Luckily, the door held, and the young woman who lives in the apartment was visiting her parents. No one was home.

I'm left wondering why I didn't call the police. If he had broken in, I would have. If I heard screams, I would have. Could I have talked to him? Absolutely not. His anger was scary. DH slept through the ruckus, thinking it was not happening next to our apartment. He said I should have called the police. If there is a next time, I will.

Otherwise, here's my ROW80 progress report on writing and the rest of real life. I'm trying to keep very simple goals for the coming 80-day-round.

WRITING: Start on Section 02 of The Seventh Tapestry. Yes! Scaffolding the section in more detail and writing/expanding scenes. Met F2F with critique partner x1. Rejoined NOVELS-L of the Internet Writer's Workshop and critiqued x1 (need 2x before I can sub). GOAL for coming week:  Continue work on Section 2. Sub first chapter to NOVELS-L and crit x1 more this week.

COMMUNITY: Mostly active with my quilting friends. Finished another comfort quilt and now working on a complicated machine applique quilt (will post pictures when the top is finished). GOAL for coming week: Confirm date for visit with book club. Draft newsletter and wrap-around for upcoming promo w/BookBub.

Other news: We're moving! From a three-floor walk-up to a first-floor apartment. I won't have to cling to the railing all the way down any more. Talk about 'fear of falling'! We're working on downsizing. Took about 20 bags of books to a local library for their book sale. I'm working my way past the political turmoil and focusing on what I can let go of.  Donate! Recycle! Celebrate each day. May your own progress on writing goals go well.

Yes, it was hard to let go of those books!
Thank YOU, all ROW80 writers, who persevere with goals and progress.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the noise in your apartment building. So thankful to live in a house with no close neighbors. We were in a hotel room once when in the middle of the night someone was pounding on a door down the hall, yelling and swearing. Making enough noise that it did wake up my husband. I told him to call the front desk, but he said that with as loud as the guy was, that someone else surely called already. But what if everyone else thought the same thing? Those things always scare me.

    On the bright side, you are moving along with your goals. Best wishes on them all.

  2. I'm glad no one was hurt. It could have been very different. I've called the police on occasion; and I've also chosen not to call, when the situation seemed not to warrant it.

    It sounds like you're making good progress early on, and enjoying it. The move sounds like a good thing for you, but I hope that the book downsizing didn't also mean letting go of the adorable little purr-monster on the shelf!

  3. I don't know what I'd do in that situation, either. I'm glad no one was hurt, though.

    Looks like some good progress. And good luck on your move. Sounds like it will be a good thing.


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