Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 13: ROW80 Check-in . . .

It's Sunday morning, with Mother's Day brunch ahead. I'm supposed to get dressed up fancy, and it's going to be fun (with babysitting of Leda to follow). So here's my ROW80 check-in. I'm still working out how to set goals. Even last week's minimalist goals were not quite achievable, so I'm going to try something new! I'm setting goals here for the week and will check in Weds with an UPDATE rather than a formal entry. 

WRITING:  Feeling good about this. Wrote every day. Tracking time spent instead of numbers of words helps me feel a little better about progress as I'm spending 2-3 hours a day. Now what I'm doing is following the character arc of one main character through the whole story. So finished Mac through Sections 1-3. 

Goal:  Work Deidre through Sections 1-3. Make notes for Afterword. 

Blogging: Met goal in reading what others have posted (sponsor ROW80) and with 1 post on travel blog and 2 posts on writing blog. I'm finding Twitter and online reading to be a source of ideas. I love thinking and writing about craft after my writing is done. Being part of blog challenges pushes me out to connect with other writers. 

Goal: Read 15 other posts, write minimum 2 blog posts (not counting this one). Maybe find another blog challenge?

RESEARCH/CRAFT: Some progress in reading. Found an outstanding article by Dr. Stefan Petrow of the University of Tasmania on "After Arthur: Policing in Van Diemen's Land 1837-1846" (1999) that explains the administrative structure of prisons as well as political issues of the day. It's like ice cream. Dug into Cox (crime in small communities in VDL a little before the time of my story). Finished Chapter 1 in Bell. Haven't started Frost. 

Goal:  1 chapter each in Cox and Bell. Read Frost and Petrow.

MARKETING/PUBLISHING:  A breakthrough here. Finally! Now have 4 single-spaced pages of steps to take towards a Marketing Plan. The breakthrough came by just DRAFTING and not worry about getting the goal exactly right. Some suggestions from folks on Writer Unboxed helped me see how truly individual such a plan will be, especially for self-publishers. OK. 

So my overall goal is to come up with a plan that works for me, try elements out on The Mermaid Quilt, and then work to launch at least one of my books by my birthday in December. Share results of my work by posting doc on FB writing groups, maybe Scribd. Learned that Scribd will take PowerPoint and then I can link to my blog. Still behind on updating Shelfari.  

Leda Rose (February 2013)
Goal: Add 2 more pages of action steps to Market Plan. Draft promo PowerPoint for The Mermaid Quilt. Update Barnes & Noble w/Shelfari by next Weds. Get info on ISBN's.

PERSONAL: Now flowering dogwood and lilacs are in bloom and the pale, pale green of early leaves transforms the landscape everywhere. On wetland walks, the red-winged blackbirds trill. We walk nearly every day. I'm making steady progress on the office. 

Goal: Work on 'cowboy quilt' and complete bird wall hanging. Washington Quilters: Organize that nasty stack of paperwork and complete 5 tasks. Exercise 3x minimum.

Happy Mother's Day to all -- and may your writing go well in the coming week. Here's my reason to smile today: Just got this picture of sweet granddaughter, Leda.


  1. What a cutie, Beth! Isn't being a grandmother a hoot?!

    Good luck on your goals! Sounds like you're much more organized than me. :) I just keep a running to-do list and just try to get around to things whenever. *g*

  2. you are doing well:) - am impressed:)

  3. Except that you seem to feel you're not finding enough time for the things you want to get done, to me things seem to be moving along wonderfully for you, Beth. You have a lot going on, you are feeling inspired and energetic....

    It's good news.

  4. Beth,

    You seem to have a lovely balance of activities, writing, other pursuits, and family. I like the idea of setting smaller goals, more frequently, until you find the level that works for you.

    I've been intimidated by a lot of the more formal planning, and, like you, have found the just drafting them goes a long way toward helping with that. I usually use 750 words, because that wide-open format helps me to relax and let me mind go...

    Also, I try to remember that I am different at the beginning of the planning than I will be at various points in the execution. Nothing is there that can't be adapted, if needed. If I think of the plan as flexible and easily changed with new insight, it loses some of its intimidation factor.

    What a gorgeous and happy baby! I hope your time with her was amazing for you both! =D

  5. Thank you all for commenting. ROW80 really does keep me focused, and the smaller goals, at least so far, keep building progress. Part of the energy comes from a commitment to you all as we each write alone, yet part of a larger writing community. May your week go well!

  6. What a beautiful child. By the way, you can still use the Ultimate Blg Challenge. It's still going and Michelle will begin another one in June. I find it helps me center my thinking if I participate daily.

    1. Thank you, Francene. I see your posts there and agree. Maybe I'll jump back into the Ultimate Blog Challenge for June. I'm beginning to see blogging and twittering connected -- and that's definitely a new thing!


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