Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15: Wednesday UPDATE

Trying something new today. Here are the goals for this week with UPDATES as of today.

WRITING Goal:  Work Deidre through Sections 1-3. Make notes for Afterword. 

5/15 WEDS UPDATE: Still working Mac's thread throughout as I found new research on prison systems that strengthen my understanding of what, where, and why.

Blogging goal: Read 15 other posts, write minimum 2 blog posts (not counting this one). Maybe find another blog challenge? 5/15 WEDS UPDATE: Not even close on adding new entries but I did read 15 other posts.

RESEARCH/CRAFT Goal:  Read 1 chapter each in Cox and Bell. Read Frost and Petrow. 5/15 WEDS UPDATE: Read and took notes from Petrow's article (it was 23 pages long, single-spaced).

MARKETING/PUBLISHING Goal: Add 2 more pages of action steps to Market Plan. Draft promo PowerPoint for The Mermaid Quilt. Update Barnes & Noble w/Shelfari by next Weds. Get info on ISBN's. 5/15 WEDS UPDATE: No progress yet.

PERSONAL Goal: Work on 'cowboy quilt' and complete bird wall hanging. Washington Quilters: Organize that nasty stack of paperwork and complete 5 tasks. Exercise 3x minimum. 5/15 WEDS UPDATE: Exercise coming along just fine. Quilting also with just a little more embroidering to do on 3 blocks. See pic below. Steady progress with Washington State Quilters w/prep for 2 meetings well underway, and I'm half-way through that mountain of paperwork.

Arizona Bird Quilt (Camp 2013)
SUMMING UP: Feeling good about reducing clutter in my office. Writing remains the top priority, with blogging and marketing coming in second. No advice to give today re how to make all this happen. Still need to work on simplifying goals while not losing momentum on larger goals.

I read somewhere that we tend to push away from accomplishing the more difficult tasks, so I'm still celebrating progress on those marketing goals. Tonight I will go to an authors' meeting to learn more.

May your own goal-setting and writing go well!

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