Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19: Sunday morning wake-up and check-in . . .

This morning starts slowly. Yet since I began with ROW80, when I visited Ruth Nestvold's site, there was a treat. Her reference to Draft2Digital led me to a faster way to e-pub that builds on Word documents. So maybe I'll add Allen's novels (and Mothers Don't Die) to the list. D2D distributes to  4 biggies (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBookstore), taking a reasonable 10% percent cut of sales. A new goal!

So here are the goals for May 19-May 25. Anticipate an update on Weds.
  1. WRITING: Keep working on PLUGGING PLOT HOLES. Plot holes await on Deidre’s thread. Only 6 weeks left in this round, and I want plot holes plugged by June 21. Revision: Look at intensity of chapter openings/closings (Section 1) and search for “it”. Watch out for POV shifts.

  2. BLOG: Write minimum of 2 blog posts (writing and travel) and ROW80 update Weds. Fulfill ROW80 sponsor commitment by reading minimum of 15 this week. May post re Mike Well’s comment re readers. NOVELS-L: Do 3 crits this week (Last week I subbed Chapter 9 and received 9 very useful crits back). Not sure if I should sub another chapter this week. 

  3. RESEARCH/CRAFT: Read Frost. Keep Bell and Cox as top priority IF I finish Frost. Read at least one craft magazine. 

  4. MARKETING/PUBLISHING: Research ISBN issue. Work on Marketing Plan (longer goal = article/post/Writer Unboxed). Update Shelfari/Barnes & Noble. Move promo PowerPoint (Scribd) to Mermaid publication page. Sunday Update: Posted a PowerPoint on my writing blog via Scribd. This was fun, though it took hours! I shared images that inspired The Mermaid Quilt. In reality, this seems static, but I hope to get some feedback on whether readers like the PowerPoint format. Most likely Animoto or Youtube would be better. Failed miserably in integrating music into the PowerPoint, but I found a perfect composer, Oskar Schuster who uses Creative Commons (he uses typewriter sounds with piano). 
  5. WSQ: Continue work on pending projects and publicity timeline. Update online events and Facebook. Order books for WSQ library. Work on “Contemporary Quilt” article. Update Job description. Prep background for board meeting on $500 limit on ads.
  6. Family/Quilting/exercise: Cherish each day. Prep presentation on Africa. Begin hand sewing on Arizona bird wall hanging. Sew on cowboy quilt for fun. Exercise 4x a week. Know that if Allen doesn't want to exercise, I still can. Keep office clutter free!

Now all this looks like a clear plan. But I know myself. Maybe half will actually get done. Right now I want to be writing, but I'm thinking about Chicken Morocco and don't even know what that is.

May your writing week go well. If you could look at my PowerPoint and let me know what you think, that would be grand.

A lot of sirens at my apartment complex this morning. No fire. Don't ask for whom the siren sounds: she calls for thee. Write on!

Ross Fountain, Edinburgh (Camp 2011)

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  1. lovely pictures of Mermaids - not sure tho' - are these pictures you want to turn into a trailer or pictures to showcase the book - but pics = great:)


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