Thursday, May 9, 2013

ROW80 Weds check-in

Day late. I think my problem is that I set too many goals, then 'real life' intercedes. So this post will be mercifully short. I'm downsizing!

WRITING is on track every day. Solved a few problems along the way. Tracking time on task rather than words completed as I'm deep in revision. Attended a new small writing critique group yesterday (8 folks, 2 hours), and got real reader feedback on my opening chapter.Not sure I should continue, as my writing tends to be darker than theirs, but they only meet twice a month and they care about the writing. Blogging: No new entries but read 15 in quest to be supportive. Goal: By Sunday, finish Section 1. Write 2 blog posts. Read 10.

RESEARCH/CRAFT not as much progress. Still on Chapter 1 in Bell. Found some great images of the prison in Hobart. Behind on reading both Cox and Frost, so Goal:  1 chapter each by Sunday.

MARKETING/PUBLISHING feels like it's in abeyance. Goal: By Sunday, start 'launch' article. Got some great posts from reader/writers on Writer Unboxed. Update at least Barnes & Noble w/Shelfari by next Weds. Still need to gather info on ISBN's.

PERSONAL. A little better every day. My office doesn't look like a bomb hit it. Monday's planning session with quilters helped focus the final layout for my 'cowboy' quilt. My to-do list for Washington Quilters is a little overwhelming, so by Sunday, do 5 tasks. 

Leda and Babu (May 2013)
Made easy chicken tacos last night; hubby loved them (and he didn't get sick -- always a good sign, so he's off the brown rice only diet). He's doing better, especially when he doesn't eat, and we finally got to see the gastro person Weds. His physical therapy continues 2x a week. I'm changing my exercise schedule to still 3x a week, but to a more strenuous class 2x and yoga 1x. We'll see if that works.

I hope your writing week goes well -- and Happy Mother's Day to all. 

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