Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday: May 5: ROW80 Check-in

Fell into the Slough of Despair BUT schedule, goals, and determination are bringing me out.

First off: Why was I depressed this week? I ran out of energy, barely able to complete April's challenge-to-write-a-poem-a-day. Even though I was able to keep to my writing routine and met with friends throughout the week, I felt preoccupied about my husband's health, for he has shown no discernible improvement. When he started talking about death and its inevitability, I felt helpless.I really don't mind death. I just want to be the one who goes first. So we talked about what we could do. And we finally got a doctor's appointment for this coming week. Our agreement: To set a plan each day to do something each of us would like to do so we could end the day with a sense of accomplishment. 

Here the goals are small. If you've struggled with depression, you know. I watered my African violets. I think one with rather large leaves will never forgive me. But they all are now flowering.We went for a walk along the Spokane River, just beginning its surge from ice melt.

For the writing, it's been a busy few days. Here's the update.

WRITING: Finished the read-through of Years of Stone. Now working on those plot holes. By Weds: Clean-up SECTION 1.

BLOGGING: Set a theme for the writing blog for May: "Plot Hole Month." Happily posted a funny recipe on my travel/at home blog yesterday:  Satisfy Your McMuffin Craving at Home. By Weds, post 2 entries. Write reflective entry for A-to-Z Challenge. Read 3 chapters in Bell's Plot & Structure. Read 3 chapters in Robert Cox Baptized in Blood and Lucy Frost's Protect the Children (Queen's Orphan School, Van Diemen's Land). Read at least 15 postings for ROW80.

MARKETING: Worked on marketing plan. Set a calendar that IF I self-publish, Standing Stones will launch in September 2013 and Years of Stone in January 2014. 

Sent query to writers' lists re recommended steps on pre-launch. Mailed promo copy The Mermaid's Quilt to Raffle-copter winner (who promised a review). 

Did a GOOGLE search to find my press release on Craigslist for The Mermaid's Quilt had been picked up. Also found 2 illegal free download sites. Sent queries but no response yet. Not sure what can be done about this as Mermaid Quilt was published only thru Kindle and CreateSpace. 

By Weds: Update Mermaid Quilt page on Barnes & Noble and on Shelfari/Amazon. Continue to work identifying steps for PRE-LAUNCH phase.

PUBLISHING: Still vascillating between indie publishers and self-pubbing. Gathered info on one not-well-established but well regarded publisher to find 15% royalty on paperback and 50% on e-books. Smashwords offers 85%. This drives me back to why I want to publish. I would like folks to read my historical fiction and to find a clear way to make this happen. By Weds: Gather info on why ISBNs are needed, how much that will cost.

PERSONAL: Made real progress with my 'cowboy' quilt for Charity Central. This was challenging because I bought fabric without a real pattern or sense of direction. My quilting buddies on Thursday helped immensely. Looks like I'm nearly done with the major blocks. Chose 'sawtooth' to go with those cowboy panels. On all else, one day at a time.

My African Violets (Camp 2013)


  1. I've been a bit down myself lately so I know how you feel. Glad to know you're still hanging in there!

  2. I too have had depression over the years , so appreciate what you are going through, and 'tis hard especially if the main cause is not something that can be resolved easily - I have found I must never overdo things or the potholes come back - at least you are talking and planning and that is so good,many people cannot bring themselves to do that. Keep smiling and take care:)

  3. Thank you both for your encouragement. It helps. Today, got the office kicked back into shape. I can always tell when those potholes are taking command!


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