Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weds Update: A Busy Day . . .

ROW80 keeps me accountable.

WRITING: Primary goal = PLUGGING PLOT HOLES. Found a plot hole so big I fell in, and I'm still thinking a way for my characters to solve this. Most likely need to add a new chapter. I'm at the 3x5 card level.  I did check Section 1 for POV shifts, intensity of chapter openings/closings, and overuse of "it". Today I'm going to the second meeting of a face-to-face critique group with 4 pages in hand. Will Deidre come across as feisty?

BLOG: Blogged about a quote that bothered me -- the difference between a 'good' and a 'talented' writer. After three days, I'm satisfied that SOME writerly advice is just not good for us! I don't pretend I want to be a bestseller, but I would like to be a 'good' writer, with readers who care about my stories. For some critics, being a 'good' writer is 'not quite good enough' and 'not talented.' My dear hubby says that truly talented writers are rare, maybe 2-3 giants in a generation, and you recognize their talent from reading their earliest work with awe. Dealing with negative feedback from my muse is hard enough without having writing 'advice' larded with doubt. Ooops! I guess I'm still upset about this one. 

Some teachers believe they have the right to set their standards high, that only a few will reach 'perfection'. Those who do not achieve perfection are mediocre. But some teachers, those rare and 'talented' ones, encourage us to know that we each have a gift -- and the best way to find our voice is not the same for every one, nor at the same pace.

Still need to do: 3 crits for NOVELS-L and a post on my travel blog. This week's blogging highlight:  Jai nominated me for a blog award. The best part -- nominating 10 other blogs! Check out these BLOG LINKS links at my writing blog.nominated for a blog award. The best part -- nominating 10 other blogs!  I'm also reading about 5 other blogs a day.

RESEARCH/CRAFT:  Still to read: Bell and Cox. Finished notes on Lucy Frost, "Protecting the Children: Early Years of the King's Orphan Schools in Van Diemen's Land." Also read Mark Staniforth's "Care and Control: Female Convict Transportation Voyages to Van Diemen's Land, 1818-1853." 

Frost gave me a good reminder of what conditions were actually like in state-run schools for orphans, and Staniforth reminded me why birth control is so important. The women of the 19th Century had few options to live independently.

MARKETING/PUBLISHING: No progress here. Still to do: Research ISBN issue. Work on Marketing Plan (longer goal = article/post/Writer Unboxed). Update Shelfari/Barnes & Noble. Move promo PowerPoint (Scribd) toMermaid publication page. 

OTHER STUFF: WSQ/Family/Quilting/Exercise: Each day has been a good one. Here's maybe the only place I can post my quilting progress -- now at the basting stage. Still need to order WSQ library books and work on timeline and prep for board ($500 limit on ads). MUST prep Africa presentation by Thurs and that's tomorrow. Babysat last night until midnight. Had a neat walk in the rain. Office is so clutter free, it squeaks!

May your writing week go well!

And I'm wondering, which size font do you prefer? This size or a little larger?

Arizona Bird Quilt (Camp 2013)

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