Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weds update . . .

Weds morning: The grass is green on the hill, an occasional Canada goose honks as it flies north, and the dogwood's flat blooms have faded. Now, the purple iris flaunts its color, and hot pink petunias flower on my patio. Perhaps the hummingbird will return.

Here are my updates for this week's goals:

1. Continue final edits for Years of Stone. Add a page to my writing blog just for YOS. UPDATE: I'm doing 4 chapters a session, so that's just two more days and I'll finish Section 3.

2. Implement 2 action steps from Marketing Plan (the first being to print it out!). OK I printed it out. Obviously, this is a priority before Sunday.

3. Participate in social media (Linked-In, Twitter, FB), and, of course, ROW80. Catch up on blogging. UPDATE: So far, so good. Hitting about 5 a day visits and commenting. Half-way through a blog post for the travel blog. I so want to dust off my suitcase and hit the road.

4. Write a review on For the Love of Ireland and draft interview of Judy Leslie. UPDATE: Finished reading the book. Now to write the review before Sunday.

5. Draft presentation on Africa trip
and send to Betty. DONE. Follow-up with phone call.

6. Other: Quilt, have fun, lay in the sun, and cook my little heart out! UPDATE: Not so much on the cooking or laying in the sun, but I got some quilting done (Cowboy quilt) and today is doctor day and movie day.

Found out that Gonzaga University's library has some materials I want to get my hands on. That means a day trip. And a new book is coming out on Lady Franklin, focusing on her stay in Van Diemen's Land -- exactly my time period. Put in a request at the library for Alison Alexander's Ambitions of Jane Franklin: Victorian Lady Adventurer.

Learned a little more about Amazon's Cloud for pictures and documents. I'm thinking a flash drive would be easier. Amazon's Cloud changes the name of the image when I re-download it. Oh, I so don't want to lose that for hundreds of images. Perhaps their service will continue to improve. Perhaps I need to learn more.

May your ROW80 writing week be filled with possibility -- and accomplishment!

Inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey (Camp 2004)


  1. The quick and dirty first... use a flash drive: they're not that expensive anymore (I have a 32GB one not much bigger than a 6 dot Lego that only cost $18 a year ago). Get two, hang one on your keychain and keep the second in a secure spot.

    Now for the rest... I do hope your hummingbirds come back. We have a few here ourselves.

    Your goals and plans are well laid out; though it does appear you've got to scurry on a few of them. Keep your've done this before, you can do it again.

    Not just you can, but you will.

  2. I'm impressed that you're so organized about your goals! Mine tend to be a lot more ... flaky. :)

    I don't even know what Amazon's cloud is, so I can't help with that. I use my USB sticks and my Netbook.

  3. Thank you, Eden and Ruth, for your encouraging and helpful feedback. That flash drive is on my to-do list. Much simpler all the way around, though playing with "the cloud" (which seems so ethereal) was fun. Or at least fun until all my pic files were renamed!

  4. Congrats on sticking with your goals! What is your marketing plan about? You've made me curious about your other blogs, too... =*)

  5. Have never felt an urge to float on the cloud - USB sticks for me every time - and really considering how much they can hold these days Eden is right not that exspensive - I remember my first when they first came out so small a memory - nowdays well! You seem to be doing well there so organised - puts me to shame - all the best:)


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