Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Weds. No, it's Thursday . . .

I'd like to report good progress this week. That is, since my daughter's fall.

But despite the most elaborate planning, I've found I just don't have the stamina to reach all my goals. This last week has been exhausting, with long days. It's still a privilege to care for little Leda (now 13 months). Oh, but we are old!  

So, Weds check-in shall be easy.

1. Cherish each moment. UPDATE: Almost every moment! Leda slept in my arms for nearly 2 hours today.while Rachel went to the doctor again.
2. Do some writing every day. OK 2 out of 3 days, I did get some writing done.
3. Continue exercising for mental health x3. UPDATE: 2 out of 3 here as well.
4. Check in ROW80 x10. UDPATE: Only 3 so far this week. . . but the night is young.

What I gain from reading others is that sense that we all are making progress -- in some ways slower than others, but progress.

Other writing related: I'm not making any progress on getting The Mermaid Quilt ready for Smashwords. I did play around with a new wix-based website at so it's ready to go when Standing Stones and Years of Stone are published later this year. A friend is working up book covers. Everyone says, spent the $$$, but I have no budget for this. The words will have to suffice.

Joanna Penn says that the book cover MUST fit the genre. 

I need to lurk more on historical fiction sites -- not historical romance.

And it's time to request blurbs. I have two in progress. Should have more. No time, no time. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I've begun a journey that leads to new places.

Maybe by Sunday, I'll have better progress to report, less whining, more energy. Maybe.

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