Sunday, July 28, 2013

The moment . . . Sunday check in for ROW80

Karen Huber's blog begins with this insight: "The moment is all you ever have, and it is enough."

These last few days have brought me to a new and remembered understanding of this statement.

I remember the moment of falling several years ago while holding a dear child and choosing -- in that moment -- to fall backward. I broke my glasses and bruised my back, but the child was unhurt.

This last Thursday, my daughter fell down some stairs. She was carrying one-year-old Leda. She chose to fall backwards in the moment of falling. Leda is unhurt. Rachel broke one ankle and sprained the other badly. The surgery went well (two hours instead of one), but for the next three months Rachel will be relatively immobile.

So I begin by revising Karen's statement slightly.

"This moment is what I have, and it is enough."

It is enough for me to say to my daughter that I can be here for you, at this moment.

My writing goals may not be met this round for ROW80 and for myself, but that's OK. Just thinking about what I can do here and now to help her, I have renewed energy and will persevere. For the coming week by next Sunday, my goals are even simpler.

1. Cherish each moment.
2. Do some writing every day.
3. Continue exercising for mental health x3.
4. Check in ROW80 x10.

May your writing week go well.

Rachel and me in 2011


  1. Beth, I'm so sorry to read about your daughter's fall. I am wishing her a speedy recovery and I hope you both have lots of joy and laughter together at this time.

    I'm glad the idea of writing for just 15 minutes a day is something you feel is double. I do know that it worked for me during Camp NaNo in April during a particularly busy time.

    All the best, Beth, and take goods care of yourself. :-)

    1. Forgive the typos. My tablet is predicting my words and unless I look at the screen after every word, it can select a word close to the one I mean. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for commenting, Lisa. Really, I was stunned last night, first time home in 3 nights, to find energy for writing and it came right from reading what others had written for checking-in. Your typos made me smile. Maybe that tablet is trying to help with the writing! May your busy week go well. Now I've got my 15 minutes ahead -- and starting with character arcs!

  3. I hope Rachel gets better soon, and that she doesn't find it too frustrating being immobile.
    I hope your goals for this week go well too. Best of luck

  4. Hope Rachel recovers soon she is lucky to have you - instinct to protect the vunerable is a wonderful thing:) decisions made in nano moments - glad the energy is there - take it easy tho' take care of self as well as Rachel - all the best for coming time:)


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