Sunday, September 15, 2013

Write, organize, market . . . write!

Sunday, I make a new table to set up writing goals for the coming week. Wow! Am I anal? It looks something like this.

When several days go by with no action in a specific goal area (check out those blue blocks), that helps me reset priorities and/or get to work!

I also keep a short daily journal in the same file to track what I'm doing, random images and notes on research, characters, submissions, sales, and resources. At the end of the month, I review the whole file and start another one for the coming month.

So after the writing of the day, and following my mantra from Weds of finding the marketing tools that fit and having fun with them, I opened DuoLit's Weekend Book Marketing Makeover that I downloaded maybe two months ago.

Wow! Was that fun.

In a very few pages, Toni and Shannon map out specific steps to take to revamp your marketing strategy. Starting with looking at yourself in the mirror. Reasserting your goals. Thinking about your 'comparables' (those blockbuster writers who write like you do). Describing your fans. And then the payoff for me: Evaluating your online presence.

What follows next is rather like a dieting check-list. A daily commitment. But with organization. Manageable chunks. This falls right into that well-worn insight: If you have a very large task to do (and marketing is a very large task), break it into smaller chunks. 

I can't wait to get started . . . and will report updates here . . . but first ROW80 check-in, nearly the last for this round. What could be more appropriate for looking into a mirror as a writer than reconsidering those writing goals I made some 3 months ago?

Shannon and Toni point out that it's really all about the writing -- and connecting with readers. That makes marketing more accessible for me. How about you?

ROW80 check-in:

1. Cherish each day. This week I am cherishing the time I have with others who need me.
2. Write 5 sentences a day for Rivers of Stone for a minimum of 1,000 a week (7,000 for the month). Somehow this math doesn't add up, but I'm on target for a total of 1,553 for this week and 3,820 so far for September. Hooray!
3. Work on marketing. Not sure this really fits here, but my first BETA READ is done, and I've started two others. Read DuoLit's Weekend Book Marketing Makeover and will get started on their action steps this coming week.
4. Fulfill ROW80 Sponsorship by reading assigned +5. So far read 7. Will pick up more today.
5. Reduce electronic clutter. Slow progress here. Only 200 deleted from e-mail so far. Maybe today.
6. Catch up on Washington State Quilters. Road jam with bookmarks, though overall design complete. Will finish program today. Idea for article on antique quilts still pending.
7. Exercise 3x this week. I ought to set this for 2x for that's my reality. Still no walks.

For a little more reading:
Check out Toni and Shannon's DuoLit (and their free download) at
Follow them on TWITTER @duolit <-- I'm a fan!


  1. I don't think that looks anal, I think it looks fascinating and enticing! It's a great visual to help keep you on top of things.

    Thanks for the write-up about the marketing book. I'm putting it on my wishlist.

    Looks like really good progress on you goals. Clearing that electronic clutter is tough, isn't it? Mostly because it just keeps coming. Hang in there!

  2. Hi, Kim. You can download that great writing book from DuoLit at their website at no cost. It's a short, easy read and very helpful. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Now it's time to get to work!


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