Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weds Check-in: Lost and found . . .

Some mornings I just wake up tired. OK maybe this morning's 151 blood sugar had something to do with it. But I will exercise this morning and do that finger-prick again. Take a breath. It's Wednesday morning check-in.

So maybe being tired is related to my blood sugar ups and downs. I've been pretty tired when helping Rachel and Nick but just push through the dishes, housework and childcare. Little Leda is so much fun. She loves me, hugs me, and today I have a great video from yesterday of the kid eating yogurt.

Easy to get discouraged over the writing. If I don't have readers who like my stuff, why am I writing every day? But then the story pulls me in. I made an exciting breakthrough yesterday for Rivers of Stone. A ROW80 colleague recommended Susan Bischoff's writing blueprint (see her DOWNLOAD page) and off I went to try it out.

Boom! Nearly 1,000 words later, I discovered that (1) Catriona will be the main protag for Rivers of Stone, (2) I now know the locale of each major section, and (3) I'm making a commitment to write 7,000 words on Rivers of Stone right now, for the month of this September.

So that's the update from the Pacific Inland Northwest. What I've read from others is that health issues sometimes affect us and we persevere. That's enough for me. Thank you all.

ROW80 Mid-week check:

1. Cherish each day. Doing my best here. Had one great walk. Saw Elysium yesterday with DH. Not bad. Just reading this phrase daily slows me down and makes me feel thankful.
2. Work on marketing. Not as good progress here. Checked out Book Blast and Kindle Books and Tips. Got rejected by both for length as my current book is 60 pages and number of reviews (need at least 6). But both could be pay-for-promotion opportunities for fall launch.
3. Write 5 sentences a day for Rivers of Stone for minimum of 1,000 words a week. 500 for Mon/Tues.
4. Fulfill ROW80 Sponsor by reading assigned + 5. So far 7 read.
5. Reduce electronic clutter 2x weekly. Not yet.
6. Blog 4x week. Blogged re Sao Paulo, Brazil on Travel blog.
7. Catch up Washington State Quilters. Worked on program. Need to finish my portion this week and promote speaker. OK progress.
8. Exercise 3x this week. OK. Skipped Monday. Said I would go Tuesday. Skipped Tuesday. OK must go Weds. I'm off!


  1. OF COURSE health issues impact on our writing! Any time we are not feeling our best, have emotional turmoils to deal with, have our routine interrupted -- bad for writing. (We can't all be Nora Roberts.)

    But glad you found a way to get around it. Congrats on the progress and the enthusiasm!

  2. Health issues, family issues, moving, new jobs... all of these disrupt our routines. We still get back to writing eventually and make homes for our imaginary friends and their vibrant lives. :-D

    Seriously though, this is one of the reasons that the ROW80 works so well. We adjust--we live our lives--we still write. You will too. And there will be someone who loves your stories as much as you do.

    Though I'm a dedicated pantser, I'm going to peek at that "blueprint" and see if it can help get me organized a bit more for my own stories. I've been writing, but the meandering thoughts my characters have been spewing onto the page... Well, I need to get myself back on track to say the least. Thanks for the link and commentary, Beth.


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