Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday check-in ROW80: Turning a round

Sunday morning. Gray. Rain. Lots of rain. And finally, an end to NaNoWriMo.

I'm pleased to meet my rebel NaNo goal of 500 words a day on Rivers of Stone. Yahoo! 15,001 words added to this rough draft, bringing my total words for ROS up to 35,500. That does include plot holes.

But now it's the morning after, and I'm recognizing, truly, what I gave up to make progress on this rough, rough draft. Standing Stones will not be launched by my birthday (December 6).

As we enter the last round of the year for ROW80 and the last month, I'm refining my goals once again.

Here are my ROW80 goals for the coming week:

WRITING: Complete Standing Stones for publication by end of ROW80 December 26. This week: complete edits and fill last plot holes. Ongoing: Work on research and writing for Rivers of Stone. Begin read-through of Years of Stone for launch late January or early February.

BLOGGING: Post 4 out of 7 days on writing, travel, and ROW80 blog. Include Weds WIPpet.

COMMUNITY: Read 20x in ROW80, FB poetry group, WEDS WIPpet.

MARKETING: Identify 10 crucial steps for Standing Stones launch and implement 2-3.

OTHER: Exercise 3x week. Quilt whenever possible. Be inspired by Sandy Brown Jensen and CREATE SOMETHING DAILY. Finish all projects to wind down volunteer job of public relations by Weds Dec 4. Celebrate my birthday (it's a decade-turning big one). Track all my reading (even Kindle). Reduce clutter around the house and online. Cherish each day!

My writing inspiration for the week!



  1. Beth, I'm working on my December goals as well. I got slightly more words than you (16,000) but am not convinced that NaNo was worth it for me.

    I like your goals, and may steal some of them for mine ;) Happy birthday in advance! I hope you have a great week!

    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Steal away! I'd say we're learning from each other. My goals this week have numbers affixed, so we'll see. Congrats on the 16,000. I can't imagine in my wildest pounding of my laptop that I could write 50,000 words in a lifetime without giving up way more than I did. May it be a very good week for you as well.

  2. Your goals sound pretty ambitious to me. Best wishes for the week.
    I love your inspirational picture. When they say in the writing world, "just open a vein", is that the same as taking off a sock. I think I rather remove the sock than drive a knife into my skin.

    1. That's my granddaughter, and she is so funny, full of curiosity and tenacity! Re that knife, I'd rather just "go deeper" and that takes us back to reading craft! Nice to see you here. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Oh, that face! IS it wrong that I want to spend an afternoon with her? Such a wonderful expression! So much wonder still in the world for her!

    Lovely word count. I hope, in the end, that it will be worth what was sacrificed.

    All this quilting talk makes me want to finally learn how to use the sewing machine I bought myself years ago. Not sure my fingers and eyes are quite up to hand sewing, but it's silly that I'm feeling a little jealous with a nice machine sitting in the study, unused and gathering dust...

    I love your new goals, and your going deeper. That's me, too - I love to go deeper.

    May the rest of 2013 and 2014 treat you gently and sweetly.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Shan. I'm always in awe of your productivity and sheer energy. It jumps off the page of your posts! So much to learn, so much still to do, but the process of goal setting keeps me focused. I hope you do some sewing some day. It's almost as much fun as writing. Almost.

  4. What adorable inspiration!

    Congrats on reaching your writing goals for November.

    You have a busy week ahead, but isn't that exactly how we creative types roll? :)

    Have a good one,


  5. Oh, she is a cutie! And hey, if you can't get the draft finished for your birthday, you can at least give yourself a nice Boxing Day present, right?

  6. Congratulations on making your goal! It sounds like good progress was made, and it looks like you have lots of good plans set for December. Happy writing!


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