Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ROW80: Wednesday, Wednesday . . .

This week's lesson from NaNoWriMo: Write where the story takes you!

WEDS WIPpet. Since we're near the end of November, this snippet from Rivers of Stone comes from near the end of the story. Catriona (Cat), disguised as a boy, has finally made it to Fort Vancouver and has found Dougal, but to her surprise and dismay, he is married. The scene:

"My wife's family lives here along the Cowlitz River. Yes, I will stay here." Dougal reached out to her. "I'm sorry, Cat. If I can be of any help, you have only to ask."
"No need to worry." Catriona pasted a smile on her face. "As you see, I am fine. I will make my own way."
She turned away.
Dougal pulled on her arm. "Wait, Cat."
She broke free. For this she had traveled so far? She walked fast out of the crowded store, not watching where she was going, afraid she would start crying if she stopped. 
"Watch where you're goin', ye pissant."
Someone backhanded Cat, and she hit the floor. She licked her lips and tasted blood. She slowly got up to stare down a river man, Metis from the looks of him, black hair, scarred face, burly, big, and advancing toward her.
"Sorry. Wasn't lookin'," said Cat.
"Well, you should a been. Nobody pushes me around, specially not someone as runty as you."
"Looks like he did, anyhow,  Flint," said the man next to Flint. Both looked as if they had been drinking the night before or had been on the road a long time. Like me, thought Cat. Too long.
"Sorry. Won't happen again." Cat pulled herself up, hoping that Dougal hadn't seen. How was she going to get past these two?
"You bet it won't. I'm tired of being pushed around."
"Ah, don't pick on the runt. He might have friends."
"I got an answer for that," said Flint. He pulled out a whip and stroked the long cured rawhide strands. "Teach you a lesson now."
"Fight," someone called. "We gotta fight."
A tall Hawaiian unpeeled himself from the porch. He stood in front of Cat. "Wouldn't do that. This one may have more friends than you."
Dougal squeezed through the crowd and stood beside the Hawaiian. "I can attest to that, Flint. Now's not a good time."
Flint sneered at Cat. "You better not let me catch you off by yourself. Without your friends." He pushed past the Hawaiian and Dougal into the store.
Slowly, the crowd dispersed. Dougal stepped close to Cat. "Maybe you best come with me. My wife, she'll see to you."
Cat shook her head. "I'm not going with you. Not now. Not ever." 

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With special thanks to K. L. Schwengel for organizing and inspiring WIPpet.

ROW80 check-in and Goals for the coming week:
1. Write those 500 words a day on Rivers of Stone.Yes. Steadily. Maybe late today, but I will make this goal.
2. Work on book reviews x 2 for the coming week.
3. Keep working the final edits for Standing Stones. This was the hardest goal to realize that I would not finish this goal by the end of November, but I will keep working on this goal (and pre-launch) before the end of Round 3.
4. Participate in ROW80 x10 for the week. Read only 5 for this week, but next week . . .
5. Follow blog schedule by posting 5x out of 7 days. Done. Having somewhat of a schedule seems to help me stay on track. Discovered how to draft in blogger, so actually have half-a-post started.
6. Declutter, quilt, cook good meals, exercise 3x, and cherish each day. Doing pretty good here. Actually got some quilting done this week. Exercised only once. Hanging in there. This week's book is Orphan Train. Haven't gotten far enough in to fall into the story, though an interesting double plot contrasts the 1920s (the orphan) with the present (a Goth girl). Movie day is Tuesday and saw the very well done Dallas Buyers Club.
8. Don't listen to that nagging inner voice! Thanksgiving cooking calls, so I'll close by wishing EVERYONE a very happy respite from nightmares and a wish for a family meal that brings joy.

Rachel and me


  1. Oh, dear, Cat and Dougal ... poor Cat!

    Glad to hear you're making such consistent progress on your goals. Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Ruth. Sometimes the progress is very slow, but steady. Not sure Dougal will give up on Cat before she makes it to the west coast. But that's what a draft is for. :)

  2. Yikes, poor Cat. Flint sounds like a brutish nasty that needs taking down a peg or four. I love this description,"A tall Hawaiian unpeeled himself from the porch." Very visual. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting! Cat is the main character throughout. Flint is a river rat just in the conclusion. But the Hawaiian has his own story . . . All in draft so far.

  3. Hoping that you got my last comment, Beth... I loved the imagery of this piece (though I do think that Cat's being a lot harder on Dougal than he probably deserves... ah, heart wants what the heart wants, and it isn't all that sensible when it comes to dealing with losing it).

    1. Thank you, Eden, for visiting and your comments. I'm still exploring how this story will end for both Cat and Dougal have come a long way, each alone, in pursuit of their heart's desire. Maybe Dougal won't marry, but not every story has a happy ending. Still drafting away. :)

  4. Wow, that's heartbreaking. Poor Cat. Glad she's got friends, but... sad. :(

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm not sure this is the 'true' ending of the tale for Dougal isn't much of a hero, even in the 19th Century, if he isn't true to Cat. By next year, maybe I'll find a less heartbreaking ending. :)

  5. Oh dear. I'm guessing Cat sort of expected Dougal to be single.


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