Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ROW80: Weds check-in: Between and between

Being on the road has its own rewards: We traveled into the bowl of the high desert country of eastern Oregon, welcomed by clean vistas of yet snow-covered mountains, the Sisters, Three-fingered Jack. We visited the Painted Hills through a shockingly short rainstorm. Pictures do not do justice to these sulpher and rust colored hills, a goldmine of fossils. 

One morning, we watched seven deer pass by our picture window, munching the sparse grass underneath the junipers. 

Mule deer, Redmond (Camp 2014)
And miracle of miracles, I finished that king-sized quilt, hand sewing the binding, stitch by stitch during basketball playoffs, just in time to mail it off before the wedding.

Wedding quilt (Camp 2014)

We drove home in one very long day and now face packing up for the next two-week jaunt to Philly. But, did I get any writing or reading done?

PROGRESS FROM LAST WEEK:  --Continue editing Years of Stone. 4 out of 7 days. Goal met! Now at Chapter 35 out of 55.
--Post on writing blog 2x, travel blog 1x, ROW80 2x and read 10 other bloggers. Lack of internet made this one impossible. Posted Y and Z poems to finish out the A to Z Challenge on my writing blog  -- after we got home.
--Read and review at least one indie writer this week. Finished Robin Cain's wonderful coming-of-age story, The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept. Need to write review. Began Karen Fisher's A Sudden Country, another compelling read.
--Sent article w/photos on quilting on the road & made deadline! 

We're leaving for Philadelphia on Friday. Once again, we may not have access to internet, but I'll do my best to keep editing. Pared down goals:

--Continue editing Years of Stone 4 out of 7 days.
--Maybe post on writing blog 3x, travel blog 1x, ROW80 2x and read minimum 5. 

--Write Reflection piece for A to Z challenge.
--Read and review 5 ABNA quarter finalists this week.
--Read two pending beta reads.

Check in on what other ROW80 writers are doing this week HERE.

May your writing go well. 

May you find good books to read and enjoy every moment of spring!


  1. It truly is beautiful country out there! Hopefully inspiring, too. It looks like you're doing a good job of balancing everything with the writing. Safe travels! Philly's somewhere I haven't been before, except passing through once on my way to New Jersey.

    1. Thanks for visiting. As I grew up on the west coast, my first trip to the east coast was a revelation and felt like a different country. I remember hiking in the pine barrens in New Jersey.

  2. Sounds beautiful, Beth. Happy travels and happy writing!

    1. Thanks, Denise. May your week go well.

  3. I love Eastern Oregon. Loved Philly, too - until our car was towed from Market Street while the kids and I were exploring, and we came back on a hot July day to find it gone with many of our favorite things (and luggage!) in it.

    Oh, and it was the day before my birthday. And Mommy can't be scared when something like that happens, because that will freak out the kids, and that wouldn't have done any of us any good on a hot day lost in a strange city.

    About $300 later, we were reunited with our intrepid Intrepid.

    Great progress, and gorgeous quilt! I'm amazed -traveling tends to take my focus from everything else!

    Enjoy your trip, but b careful of Market Street!

    1. What a story! We lived in and near Philly for about 4 years and never experienced anything like that -- hope you got to the museum and along the Schukyll River and ate Philly cheesesteaks!

  4. Oh wow, I'm amazed that you stitched that quilt! How long did that take you?

    Well done on the goals, it seems like you're powering through them!

    1. Slowly, slowly for both the quilting AND the writing! Thanks, Celine, for visiting. The quilt took me the better part of three months. My books typically take three years -- far too long, I'm thinking . . .


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