Sunday, May 17, 2015

Row80: Sunday, Sunday . . . Short?

Maybe the shortest check-in for ROW80 goals for all time? Or not.

--WRITING: Still writing 750 words a day since May 1. Started novella this morning, Moira and Dylan's story. Good to have some creative writing while analysis of Book 3 continues. For the first time, I'm blocking out the scenes before writing, an interesting process. Completed: Drafted chapter synopsis of Rivers of Stone (90,000 words) to tighten plotting and character arcs. 
--Prep for memoir workshop mid-June. Have a nice stack of books and have started reading and organizing some material.
--READING: Finished Ned Hayes' truly medieval Sinful Folk

--Crit at least ONE sub for Novels-L. 
--Write review of Sinful Folk.
--Write inspirational article for ROW80 sponsor. Read x 8.
--Contact key people re their articles for WSQ program x4. Set timeline. 
--Write about the experience of thinking about memoir on writing blog, 2x this week.
--Edit and share one chapter a week for Mothers Don't Die.
--Declutter my e-mail by at least 500 (currently at 603).
--Follow-up on ACX/audio version of Standing Stones and those pending marketing promotions.
--Quilt my little ole' heart out.

Why did I start a novella? I subscribe to a number of writerly newsletters that recently have talked about writing shorter fiction between longer works. Readers have asked me over and over again, what happens to Moira and Dylan after Standing Stones ends? 

How do I say thank you most sincerely to all those people who have read my work, found a few typos, and loved or hated it? Maybe by writing a novella -- a mere 20,000 to 40,000 words -- which most likely will not see the light of print (virtual or otherwise) for another year or so.

And that's the not-so-short update from Spokane. Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE. Let's make it a good week.

Bayview Vista (Camp 2015)


  1. There's nothing wrong with a short blog post. You certainly have a long list of goals, and with that in mind, keep the blogging short! Best wishes for a productive week.

  2. Your post wasn't too short - learned a lot about your work and where you're heading. The novella sounds interesting. All the best through the next weeks.

  3. Beth, that was the most perfectly-sized "short" post I've seen in a long time. A lot more concise than most.

    An interesting (and cool) way to thank your readers. May they never be satisfied with "just one more story".

  4. Still sounds productive to me. Here's to a good week, Beth!!


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