Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ROW80 Weds Check-in: Finish Something!

Kelli McGann on The Write Practice gave me much needed advice with this morning's e-mail. Finish something! Or as she put it, "How to Finally Finish Your Writings."

I do want to finish something. One of five pending quilting projects. A little progress on editing and reviewing for writing friends. Maybe a breakthrough on that massive draft I'm working over so slowly but think about every day.

This morning I helped my friend pick up a walker for her husband just home from the hospital. Stage IV Cancer is not a kind diagnosis, so we crack lame jokes as we wrestle this collapsible walker with a chair and brakes into my truck. She says to him, "Honey, do you have a migraine?" He says, "No!" "Good," she says. "We've got the cure." 

Spring birding (Jeff Stemshorn)
Around us summer cracks into full, green leaf. Starlings bomb the car, and sparrows watch closely as cherries ripen from those lush pink blossoms into little green pellets. 

Back home, I dive into my office, surrounded by scraps of unsorted fabric and writing notes mixed in with forms for assisted suicide, legal in our state. Maybe it's time for a cup of tea and to read a romance with a happy ending.

ROW80 progress this week:
--Write 750 words a day on anything: Done.
--Write inspirational article for ROW80: Draft done.
--Analyze character arc for Rivers of Stone: Working on it every day.
--Editing a chapter a week for Mothers Don't Die: On target.
--Prepping that memoir class for mid-June. 4 out of 6 days. Sandy Brown Jensen sent me some great resources. Good progress.

Other projects:
--Start novella on Moira and Dylan's story. Not sure. Did some preliminary reading. Maybe I need Scrivener to plot this one more completely before writing, but that's another learning curve.
--Crit two subs for NOVELS-L (The Internet Writing Workshop). This is such a wonderful group of writers, but I made a command decision to withdraw as every month I screech under the deadline to write my two crits . . . barely.
--Write a review for Sinful Folk by Ned Hayes. The story begins to fade as I read other books. Still need to do. The medieval period was pretty rough on women and the peasant class.
--Decluttering e-mail. What. Are you kidding? I'm swimming over here.
--Follow up/review ACX production of Standing Stones. First audio due June 1. Interestingly, a GoodReads writer/friend sent me some suggested editing for Standing Stones and recommended Melissa Mohr's Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing to pinpont exactly what swearwords were used mid-19th Century. I still do like 'God's bones' . . . but that was an earlier phrase.

And that's my week -- past and to come. Hope that your week for writing and reading goes well. Check in with other ROW80 folks to cheer us all on HERE.

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  1. Oh, 19th swear words! I could use a few new ones to supplement my vocab. You will have to share some of the better ones. Pleeze!!

    Keep going, Beth. That's all I can say. I am busy and my writing has been also neglected too. Going to spend much more time on that starting in June. So, just keep swimming. Also, if you find something that works for keeping the productivity up, then use it.

    You have been very supportive of me, I want to cheer you on as much as I can!! HUZZAH!! :-)


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