Monday, July 6, 2015

ROW80: Summer Round is here!

Today begins Round 3 for "A Round of Words for 80 Days," 

Since we'll be on the road for six weeks during this round, I really struggled with whether to set goals. But I did. Because I like being accountable -- even to myself -- and I appreciate this community of writers who reach out with words of encouragement and tales of their own writing challenges.  

At the end of July, we're driving north to Canada (Fort St. James, Banff, Edmonton, and Winnipeg), to see the land and dig up research about the fur trade (1840-1850). We're hoping to park our tired bones in a tent most nights. Internet access may be iffy, at best. But I'll have my laptop, journals, the camera. What else is needed?

Tunnel Mountain, Banff (Flickr)

My goals for Round 3:
--Write a minimum of 300 words a day. 
--Blog when I can.
--Finish drafting Rivers of Stone (currently 90,000).
--Complete editing Mothers Don't Die (now out to beta readers) and hubby's VietNam novel, Reaching

My other goals (organized around research, community, marketing, and family) are laid out in chart format but may get short shrift once we leave home. So I'm trying to keep it simple by focusing on primary goals. Wish me good fortune and room in the trunk of the car to bring my books!

I may not be able to check in every Weds and Sunday, but my heart is with you all. May Round 3 be very good for your writing! 

Yes, this is a BLOG HOP for A Round of Words in 80 Days. Check out what amazing goals other writers are setting for the coming round. Be inspired! Persevere! Go forth and comment!


  1. How fun, Beth! I hope you have a great research trip and come back with lots of great insights and memories. We'll be here when you get back. :)

    1. Thank you, Ruth. That's just one of many reasons why ROW80 continues to work.


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