Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Check-in: Turn, Turn, Turn

Sunday evening, dark so early, and the week ends nearly before it begins. I can report good progress this week, though.

Writing: Last week, I wrote 1.9K. This week 4.7K, nicely spread out between plotting, writing scenes, and a few poems. For once, story structure is laid out, though a few unresolved plot holes remain. 

For example, exactly how do I move the younger brother out of the story early so the story can focus on the relationship between Cat and Dougal? Which plot path intrigues you most?

1. Colin gets lost in the wilderness near York Factory and dies.Simple, accurate, reinforces the level of risk of life at this isolated post.
2. Colin winds up on a whaler shipwrecked off the coast of Japan c. 1844, is imprisoned, teaches English to samurai.
3. Colin goes with John Rae to explore the Northwest Passage.

All three are based on events or people who actually lived during the mid-19th Century.

For the coming week, this emphasis on plotting and rereading Section 04 for editing notes will continue. I've pulled out Larry Brooks, Story Structure, for suggestions on how to dig more deeply into this next round of writing/revision. I'm no longer writing a poem a day for OctPoWriMo because right now, the writing is more important. But occasionally, like today, a poem surfaced about fall.

Sunday Afternoon at Manito Park

Marketing. Got a simple website up for Allen's book, Reaching. Any suggestions for improvement deeply appreciated. Here's the LINK. For the coming week, continue to contact folks re blog hop for Reaching. Followup on pending ACX audio book for Standing Stones. Work out giveaway on GoodReads.

May your week and your writing go well! Thanks to A Round of Words in 80 Days for continuing inspiration. Check out what others have been up to this week.

This week's essay, "Writing is Hard" by Abdeah Davis hones in on that moment when we make a commitment to our writing. Yes, a useful read.


  1. I hate to have you kill off Colin, but that's the only way to truly get him out of the story, as if he goes off somewhere else, we will always want to know what happened to him. And it's not like he can text Cat and Dougal to say, "I just arrived in Japan".

    Also, I read "Reaching" while I was in Kenya. Very moving book. As I wrote in my review on Amazon, it's hard to say I really liked it because the reality of it was disturbing, but it was a story that needed to be told. Sometimes I think with the instant access we have to everything now, we become complacent about the horrors of war.

  2. Nice little starter page for your hubby's book. I am still new to get it (writing) out there. I need to work on that, but in the mean time, I think it a good start.

    It has to be hard to kill a character, or at least remove him/her from the main story. I don't doubt that you will make it work. And congrats on a massive productive writing week. I miss your poem but understand that you need to focus on the writing of Cat and Dougal's story.

    Have a great week, Beth!!


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