Sunday, February 14, 2016

ROW80: Love is Thicker

For Valentine's Day, a one-liner from e. e. cummings:  "love is more thicker than forget."

I got sidetracked by Valentine's Day and early morning thoughts about writing. Up  at 5:30 am as the birds awaken, happy to find my writing routine restored, even if we are far from home.

ROW80 Update for last week with goals relatively unchanged for next week:

1. Editing Rivers of Stone. No progress at all, though the folder moved around on my desk. This makes 2 weeks of not touching the draft.
2. Draft 2 short stories for The Mermaid Quilt. Finished one; started second.
3. Poetry: Surprised to report I wrote two poems this week, "Privacy" and "Winter Texans." Poets on the Page suggests reading a poem a day from the Poetry Foundation, a process both intimidating and inspirational. Poems for Valentine's Day (that quote from e. e. cummings above) can be found on this site.
4. Other writing: Drafted an article (530 words) and a little on the memoir that's on the back burner (330 words).
5. Participating in online writing communities: Done: ROW80 check-ins x2. Done: WIPpet Weds posted. Read posts by others x8 since Weds.
6. Decluttering e-mail: Keeping it under 200 (that's up from 100, a revised goal).
7. Write review of indie book? Sending comments by e-mail.
8. Exercise? Some walking on the beach in shirtsleeves.

And that's all, folks. Check out what others are working on this week for A Round of Words in 80 Days as we slog away towards our writing goals and participate in this writing community that knows we have a life!

If you eat chocolate on Valentine's Day, why not read a little about this holiday on Wikipedia, a reminder that Chaucer was nearly the first to romanticize the loving acts of St. Valentine and that for many, Valentine's Day marks the beginning of spring.  Have a great week!

A bevy of Least Terns
obviously waiting for breakfast!
Corpus Christi, February 2016


  1. Pretty much anything can get me sidetracked, but no birds outside my window this morning, in face nothing outside my window this morning, as the temperature was minus 20! I am sure ready for spring. What I wouldn't give to be walking on the beach in shirtsleeves right now! Oh, well, back to writing instead, I guess.

    Have a great week, Beth!

    1. Oops, I mean "in fact nothing..." I hate when I make typos!

    2. Thank you, Chris, as always, for stopping by. I didn't even see your typo; I was too busy feeling guilty for being in a warm place (no snow, no cold). But we're both hitting the keyboard. You have a good week too!

  2. Nice work this week!

    I love e.e. cummings. He's one of the most unique poets that I've read.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you, Erin. I borrowed how I set up the week's goals from another ROW80 writer and look at progress every day. Some days are better than others. That's why we need poetry!

  3. good week, warm days, could do with some warmth here:) - nope the first day of Spring is 1st of March and I wish it would hurry up! she says looking at the unwelcome snow:)

    1. Thank you, Alberta. My bones are hoping spring comes early this year. I'm fascinated by your current wip and looking forward to updates. Have a good week.


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