Sunday, April 10, 2016

Round 2: Not Quite Overwhelmed . . .

And we're rolling along into Round 2 for A Round of Words in 80 Days.  I keep wanting to simplify my check-in, so here's a slightly diferent format: 

Goals for the coming week:
--Writing: Revise Rivers of Stone 5/7 days.
--Blogging: Post 6x for Blogging A to Z Challenge.
--Continue as ROW80 Sponsor and comment on other blogs x20.
--Read/review Adria Cimino, The Creep Show, Writer's Digest, and The Writer, with specific attention to marketing.
--Quilt x4 and Exercise x5.

What happened last week:
--Revised Rivers of Stone only 3/7 days, partly because writing those blogging posts for the A to Z Challenge takes 1-2 hours each. But because the posts are about my research for ROS, I'm really enjoying the process of rereading and reflecting, even if it may delay my schedule to finish Section 05 this month.
--Yippee! Got my article in for ROW80's Round 2 in and posted article for first Wednesday of the month for IWSG (Insecure Writers Study Group).
--Posted snippet for Wednesday's WIPpet. Read x2.
--Finally back on schedule with exercise x4 (combo of walking and swimming). Found water shoes for $20/ at Costco.

No progress at all . . . yet:
--Haven't started to reread Mothers Don't Die. Waiting for beta comments.
--Haven't written any poems or worked on the image/poetry book. Still want to participate in Poetry on the Page weekly. 
--Want to send out quarterly newsletter by April 30.
--Latest copies of Writer's Digest & The Writer ready to read.
--Declutter e-mail inbox to <100. Now 268 in the inbox. I love reading advice from writing gurus and have subscribed to too many newsletters!

Bobcat near Tucson (Jeff Stemshorn)
What I learned this week
--That planning ahead can reduce stress. I now have topics for nearly all 24 letters of the alphabet and may write a few snippets to get a little head start. 
--That if I overextend in one place, I'll pay for it elsewhere. My writing got done, but meal planning didn't. Thank goodness, hubby likes hamburgers.
--That I can make lists, but not everything gets done. Biggest celebration this week: finishing the article for ROW80. Biggest regret? Not working on marketing.

That's all for now. What did you learn this week? Want to share? 

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  1. I like your new format for your goals. It is easy to follow and makes sense. Thanks for mentioning your ROW80 sponsor article (twice!). It reminds me that I have to write one yet. I should probably add that as a goal this week, huh?

    Have a good one!

    1. Dear Chris, Thanks as always for your encouragement and for liking the new format. Maybe I'll keep this one. Writing those two articles (one for ROW80 sent in and a different one for IWSG that's posted on my writing blog) did stress me out. And we're doing taxes, but I keep telling myself that it's what we are able to accomplish that moves us forward. Hope you find inspiration for your article -- and have a great week.


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