Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ROW80: Round 2 just checking in . . .

Oofta! April is THE most intense month. 

Here's my first check-in for A Round of Words in 80 Days, that online writing community, led by Kait Nolan (thank you!). If you are a writer, you can join ROW80 any time. The results? Ongoing setting of goals and measuring progress that leads to actually achieving your goals. Plus you get to find out what other ROW80 folks are doing. Below, my goals and progress so far these first few days of Round 2.  

Writing: Finish Section 05 of Rivers of Stone. Goal: Finish Section 05 by April 30. Revise 5/7 days. Read through Mothers Don't Die. Send both for beta comments; both scheduled for release before year end. PROGRESS: On track for Rivers of Stone. Sent Mothers Don't Die for beta read. Need to identify a few more beta readers. NO PROGRESS: Complete 2 new stories for The Mermaid Quilt. Write a few poems.

Community: Complete Blogging A to Z Challenge on writing blog through April (theme: reflecting on research for Rivers of Stone. Serve as sponsor for ROW80. Comment on other blogs 5x/day. Participate in Wednesday's WIPpet, Poetry on the Page, and Facebook groups IWSG (Insecure Writers Study Group) and 10 Minute Novelists. PROGRESS: Reading/commenting on other bloggers 5x/day. Posted snippet for Wednesday's WIPpet. Keeping current with that Blogging A to Z Challenge. NO PROGRESS YET: Still need to write motivational article for ROW80. Still need to participate in Poets on the Page once a week.

Reading/Reviews. Read 4 books/month, and post 2 reviews a month, especially for indie writers. PROGRESS: Posted review of Sue Eller's Meadowlark Madness, a cozy mystery that made me laugh out loud. So far for April, I've read 4 more books, all escapist and all entertaining (Diane Hender, Never Say SpySophia Knightly, Wild for You; Donna Joy Usher, Cocoa and Chanel; and Sharon Hamilton, Ultimate SEAL Collection). NO PROGRESS: Read about marketing strategies; update marketing plan with specific goals set by month; send out quarterly newsletter. Read Writers Digest and The Writer each month. 

Other. Make 1 comfort quilt (wheelchair size) each month. PROGRESS: Putting bindings on two comfort quilts. Finished quilting & binding on baby quilt (Yippee!). Exercise minimum of 3x/week. PROGRESS: Finally. Yes! Swam 2x so far. NO PROGRESS AT ALL: Declutter e-mail inbox to <100. Now pushing 300 in the inbox.

Spring is finally popping. I hear frogs at dawn and twilight. The mystery tree outside my window has little white blossoms nearly ready to open. Have a great week . . . and here's a bit of detail from that hand-quilted panel/baby quilt.

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  1. Oh, what a lovely quilt!

    It looks like you're tackling your goals with gusto!


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