Sunday, April 17, 2016

ROW80: Rowing away!

Today's check-in. Short and sweet. Mostly. Just took a screen shot off my Daily Work file (summary for the week). Green = made some progress. Blue = met goals. Red = Aargh! Untouched by human hand.

Today at about lunch time, I'll be joining I don't know how many people at the Washington Legislative Caucus for a nice 3-4 hour discussion to decide who will serve as a delegate for the next round. In comparing this process to Oregon's open primary, I can say this is a big time sink, a fascinating process, and emotionally intense.

Last night I got a call from a Hillary campaign worker wanting to know why I worked so hard to get all the delegates (including Bernie supporters) information about today's caucus. Was I supporting the other side? What???? Isn't this supposed to be a rational, democratic process where we respect the votes taken at the previous caucus at the precinct level?

Anyway, people think I'm a little crazy for trying to train for the May 1st Bloomsday 7.5 mile run (at my age, I'm walking). It's all part of stress management. DH still has bad days, and I'm pretty helpless to do anything to ease his pain other than cook and fetch water or tea or Pepsi. So this morning, I'm making his favorite -- meatloaf.

So far this week, I've locked the car keys in the car, lost my wallet for 3 hours, and got the weekly grocery shopping done at 9 pm. The story of Rivers of Stone continues with someone getting falling down drunk (not me, as I generally don't drink at all). 

Spring continues to delight with such beautiful flowers everywhere. Here's what I'll be doing on May 1st . . . Maybe. Have a great week! Check out everyone else on ROW80, a writing challenge blog hop that knows we have a life!

Lilac Bloomsday Run/Walk in Spokane 2016
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  1. Looks like you made some good progress for the week. Good luck with this week.

  2. Your description of the political process sounds fascinating and time-consuming. I wish I understood the whole process. I go out and vote, but truly wonder if my voice counts. I'm glad that someone with a rational mind is working on it.

    Best wishes for a great week.


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