Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ROW80 Weds late night check-in

Wish I had better news this week. On the good side: Stress levels are down, temperatures warming up to the high 70s, and the double cherry trees are in bloom. 

Here's my quick summary with GREEN = pending, BLUE = done, and RED = dismal progress, but I still have a chance at redemption as we're only at Weds, right?  

OK so participating in that April A to Z Blogging Challenge has messed with the writing on my main wip, Rivers of Stone. But I'm really enjoying writing those daily posts about the research that underpins my story. You can read the latest about quilting on my writing blog, if you like. 

In many ways, the research now is a distraction from the story. I want to be thinking about relationships and conflict and the inner lives of my characters. Instead, I'm dreaming about the context of their lives. Still a rewarding process, so I'm committed to finishing out the month and then back to work on Rivers of Stone.

Suddenly my Kindle sales went flat. Amazon says nothing is wrong with their reporting, so I'm thinking about running a promotion. That may push me to work on marketing.

My goals BEFORE SUNDAY, APRIL 24 remain:

1. Post daily for that A to Z blogging Challenge.
2. Write a minimum of 750 words and/or 4 hours of editing on Rivers of Stone.
3. Draft a newsletter, read the latest Writers' Digest, and set up a plan for running a promotion.
4. Delete at least 150 e-mails.
5. Review Adria Cummins' The Creep Show.
6. Be mindful to keep stress levels down. Continue exercise daily and quilt (set up that next applique project; continue to work on the coffee cup comfort quilt).

And that's all, folks! May you have a very good writing week. Stop by to see what other ROW80 writers are up to HERE.

View from Hiking near Mount Edith Cavell last summer (Camp 2015)

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