Sunday, April 9, 2017

Row80: Sunday, Sunny Sunday

Good morning, ROW80. Since revamping how I track weekly goals last Weds to show priority and status by color, checking in for  ROW80's 2x weekly posts is much, much easier. 

My schedule-at-a-glance: 

Now, right under this weekly schedule, I add weekly goals (RED = high priority/not done yet, GREEN = in progress, and BLUE = Done). Each day, I also add a summary of what's going on (notes, questions, etc.). Here is this week's progress: 
This week, I'm most excited that all 4 beta readers (writers I know and trust) have responded with a "Yes!" Somehow, keeping those weekly goals right in front of me enabled me to work on those marketing action steps that tend to fall to the bottom of the list.

About the new cover. I'd like to have a face on the cover since the characters move the story -- but, covers that feature people in varying states of dress or missing body parts (you know, the body of a woman in a revealing gown with her head cut off), lean to romantic historical fiction. 

Covers for fiction by writers like Rutherfurd and Follett tend to show historical scenes on their covers, rather than people.  

So I've asked for a cover that will fit in with Books 1-2 (see right sidebar). But just maybe, by the end of the year, I'm thinking new covers for a boxed set that will feature the main characters for all three books.  

What do you think of this strategy?

And that's the news this Sunday. A new week beckons with potential, deadlines, goals, and writing. Mike Faricy continues to inspire me to rethink that newsletter and how to reach out to readers. Expect more progress this week on that newsletter!  OK, have YOU signed up for my newsletter?

May you have a good week.

Heartfelt thanks to Eden and Shan Jeniah for all the work they do behind the scenes to make ROW80 happen. Join in (if you haven't yet), and check out what other ROW80 writers are doing this week HERE or on FaceBook HERE.


  1. I have always loved the starkness of your book covers, though I do understand the desire to keep with genre trends. And them after looking at this lovely National Geographic photo-blog that showed up in my newsfeed just before I clicked on my ROW80 check-ins... maybe stories with Scottish roots demand a bit more austerity, because the underlying image is all the richer for the lacks. (the link:

    Enjoy and have a lovely week, Beth.

    1. Thank you, Eden, for your thoughtful response. I've been back and forth over whether to change the covers -- especially which covers most fairly reflect the stories and the readers' expectations. So, for now, staying with traditional and true. I'm holding my breath to see what my fiverr designer comes up with. Those NatGeo photos were breathtaking -- we actually walked around that ring of stones in Brodgar. We could touch them. Few tourists. Just that amazing gray sky and the stones. Make it a good week!

    2. Oh... that sounds like a lovely trip. Those kind of memories... I had that a few weeks ago when I watched a documentary about Bridgnorth Castle in the UK and there was a scene with Tony Robinson that looked just like a picture I'd taken years ago from the same place (minus the celebrity appearance). We even dug out the old picture (complete with an almost identical lens burst) to show our son. It was very cool. Glad you were able to enjoy the same

  2. Difficult one. I see so called Scottish covers which feature a brawny bare chested bloke with Scots tartan wrapped round him and a woman melting into his arms.... ha! Can't help finding it amusing considering the Scottish weather. Anyway, your colour coding goal strategy is very impressive!

  3. Nice progress!

    I think your plan for the cover makes sense. :)


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