Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ROW80: Wednesday Already?

Time to check in already? This will definitely be short and sweet. Got a few things done, but that darn list is getting longer. I'm  hoping to see better progress by Sunday. 

Monday's surprise was a five-minute flurry of snow. In April?? Here's today's update:

  • I feel like I'm holding my breath, waiting for the new cover to come in. Due date: this Friday.  
  • The Amazon Sponsored Ad (ends tomorrow) was an interesting experiment. Over 4,000 impressions (where my little ad appeared), but only 2 clicks through for a total cost of .25c. No actual sales, though the final data will come in about 3 days after the ad ends. I did like the reporting system.
  • Two ideas found online on ways to reach readers: Post random chapters from your books right on your blog.Offer a novella or short story when readers sign up for your newsletter. That's a good idea, though I don't have a novella exactly right now. Maybe that's what I can work on while waiting for those beta comments.
Have a great week! Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing this week HERE or on FaceBook HERE

And here's a meme for writers from Sandy Brown Jensen, posted on Flickr back in 2014:


  1. I have spreadsheet envy!

    I had to stop myself when I tried keeping close track like that...I got too hung up on logging everything and I wasn't getting actual writing done lol!

    1. Thank you for the morning smile. I have spreadsheet envy too -- Most of the time, I'm too intuitive to stick to using a spread sheet for it takes me out of my writing workspace (Word). So the above is simply a Word table set up by the week that gives me a bird's eye view of what's going on, which days are more productive and why. Putting the list below the table is a way of keeping my goals more visible. The real 'heart' of my tracking comes with the Daily Note I write, usually a paragraph or two, about the writing -- key questions, issues that I want to think about. Kind of like talking to myself on paper. This I write before, sometimes during, and after I do the 'real' writing. So checking in is for ROW80 is not really the point. For me, the tracking is a way of jotting down what is most current about my work and keeping it visible. Some people use Excel to extensively map out and track their book. Sadly, I'm a pantser, so that structural stuff comes after the story is closer to done. But, you are right. It doesn't matter what process we use as long as we get those words on paper.


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