Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ROW80 Weds Check-in: Celebrate Spring!

The yellow-headed blackbirds have arrived. We had our first sighting today as we walked by the wetlands near our apartment. Lovely. Now we can watch as the yellow-heads fight with the red-winged blackbirds over who controls the pond. Ah, control issues in nature?

This week has been fairly intense so far, with two marketing promotions I was (note was) quite excited about. One through Amazon for Sponsored Product (4,300 impressions, 3 clicks, cost $0.42), and the other through Google Express ads (42,000 impressions, 25 clicks, cost after 5 days, $7.20). No Kindle or paperback sales for either promotion. 

So, my question remains: How do I increase visibility without sounding like a door-to-door sales person? So much advice. So many choices. That's why I'm reading James Scott Bell this week and next.

My writing buddy, Annette Drake, published a lovely cozy story about a woman who decides to refurbish an antebellum mansion in Missouri (my grandfather grew up there and always called Missouri, miz-rey before he ran away to Wyoming to become a cowboy). 

Building Celebration House features a few ghosts and is informed with neat details drawn from nursing, Civil War buffs, and an insider's view of how to run an event center. But, her book is invisible. For certain readers who love cozy stories about strong women, this book shouldn't be invisible. 

So we're going to continue to scrutinize various marketing ploys to see what works (and I'll share info here). By the way, kudos to Annette, as BookBub just approved her promotion for May 7.

Now, here's the progress for Week 2 through Weds:

RED = top priorityGreen = in progress, and Blue = Done, Done, Done!

Wish I had better news to report, but there's still the rest of the week to go. My favorite quote this week (so far): "Writer's block is an indication of a larger plot or story structure issue -- step back and reevaluate." Brian Mercer

Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE or on Facebook HERE. And have a great week!


  1. That marketing thing...I'm glad I'm not at that point yet, and also glad for pioneering friends who share what they learn!

    What I've read so far points to having multiple titles, and playing around until you find what works for you. One good thing - time is on your side. You can keep trying things, and evolving, while adding material, which you're doing.

    Ruth Nestvold has a very good description about using keywords to focus on lesser-filled niche markets where your book might rank higher and garner more notice from people more likely to be looking for something very much like it (so maybe better reviews, into the bargain).

    I'm adding that James Scott Bell book to my buy list, because this year I'm really getting the hand of revisions, and next year, I delve into the subject of marketing, myself!

    Hopefully, the blackbirds make up for the tribulations of sales...

  2. Thank you, Shan, for sharing your thoughts and resources. Ruth Nesstvold's blog has been helpful in the past; I will look up her advice. James Scott Bell's book is titled "Marketing for Writers Who Hate Marketing: The No-Stress Way to Sell Books Without Losing Your Mind." I appreciate his low-key, practical approach. The year ahead should be interesting for us both. Your energy and ability to plan should help you master marketing -- without dread!


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