Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ROW80: Not quite normal

Was I the only one who woke up early this morning about 5 am, wondering if today's news would bring word of a nuclear explosion here or over there? And if a war came, how much would it change our world, our interconnected communities, our sense of balance. And so I remember those wars within my memory, the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

My projects and progress seem quite small.

Yet today is Wednesday. Time to check in with A Round of Words in 80 Days. See what others are doing here or on our Facebook page. Why not join in?

Half-way through Week 6: August 7-13.

1. WRITING goal: Finish 5 chapters. Finished revising 7 chapters of Rivers of Stone this week so far. Beginning Chapter 45 tomorrow morning (I hope). That's 63% complete (44 of 70 chapters).
2. BLOGGING. Today, here. Maybe on the writing blog later this week. Did read 7x other posts so far.
3. OTHER PROJECTS: Worked on Spokane Authors project (2017 Anthology). Fascinating mix of creative stuff and then all the organizing needed around a timeline (volunteers, job descriptions, submission guidelines, releases, graphics, formatting).

Wednesday is also the day to share a snippet of what's in progress, inspired by WIPpet Wednesday, a small group of writers who share snippets of work in progress. So here are 3 paragraphs (since we are in the 3rd quarter of the year), from that chapter in Rivers of Stone when Cat finds her friend lost in the snow:

     When Cat came out from securing the barn, she faced a wall of snow. The blizzard had strengthened. She could hardly see the trading post, less than a hundred feet away. She heard a low cry. Was that an animal? Someone in distress? She took a few steps away from the protection of the barn, one hand on the fence that led to the fields.
     There. Again. Someone cried out, “Help!”
     Cat kept her hand on the fence as she worked her way towards the cry. She found Pete slumped over on the ground. His breath came slowly, as if it were caught in his chest. 

I really have no other words tonight. The picture of Mount Hood reminds me we are surrounded by beauty. Maybe that is enough.

Mount Hood (July 2017)


  1. Congrats on the progress. It's awesome when you're able to go over your goals. :D

  2. I enjoyed reading your snippet! Curious about what happens later, what happened to Pete and whether he will be okay.
    Great progress on your writing goals :)


  3. Even small progress is good progress. Thanks for sharing.


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