Sunday, August 6, 2017

ROW80: Sunday night special . . .

Why am I drawn to suspense this week? Weird dreams could be attributed to the weather -- still hot, and smoky air blowing over Spokane from forest fires. Our air quality hit 'hazardous' a few times this week (worse than Beijing). I honestly don't know which is better, these stinking hot summers or knee-deep-in-snow winters. Or Oregon's more moderate temperatures but constant rain from about October to May. Sigh. But I'm happiest about steady progress on the writing and feeling almost recovered from that stint of immersion babysitting.

Round 3, Week 5: July 30 - August 6 progress:

1. WRITING. Revised 10 chapters this week. Consolidated one chapter so up to chapter 38 out of 66 (OK so a percentage makes me feel good: 58% completed). Also started feeding last section to my small writer's group. Also writing chapter summaries as I go. Feeling good about steady progress.

2. BLOGGING. Posted "I Hate Tailgaters" for Insecure Writer's Study Group on my writing blog to respond to their question for the month: "What peeves you when reading/writing/editing?" Check out the post HERE. Working on a plan for better blogging. Posted 3x this week (met goal).

3. READING. Goal 25 books for the month. So far 5/25. Just started Rhenna Morgan's Unexpected Eden featuring parallel worlds (Earth and Eden). Finished Lisa Kessler's Moonlight (too x-rated for me) though a mix of jaguar and wolf shape-shifters was interesting. Less interesting was Christina Dodd's Just the Way You Are, a class-based plot with hard-working orphan falling for billionaire passing as the 'butler'. Again, a little x-rated (skipped pages). Doing a little better on reading what others have posted online (x4/6 for the week). Hoping for improvement (tonight and in the coming week). Reviews this week x1. 

4. MARKETING. Discovered MyBookCave, a newsletter for readers and authors that features free/discounted books; they do include x-ratings so you can steer away from the downright erotic (which Bookbub does not). Their newsletter goes out to about 78K subscribers, but is significantly less expensive than BookBub. Their website offers helpful info and online submission guidelines. 

5. OTHER: Visited with a group of would-be writers at a nearby assisted living complex and came away feeling that perhaps I had entertained them a little and inspired them with some new directions. But I'm also humbled by the stories they shared, and the gifts of health and family we share. 

Also proposed our local writer's association publish an anthology (poetry, fiction, nonfiction), with proceeds donated to a local charity. Maybe we'll do this every two years? Has anyone worked on a project like this? Have advice to share? Please comment or e-mail me! Thank you!

Recipe of the week: Ravioli tossed with green beans, spinach, sauteed in garlic chicken bites, mushrooms, and topped with Romano. Chopped veggie salad (that store-bought cabbage-based mix with apples added). Easy. Fast. Delicious. My goal: healthier meals.

Sunday means thinking ahead to the new week. May all your goals be met and the weather not quite as hot where you are. Check in with other ROW80 writers either on FACEBOOK or the WEBSITE.

My Rachel, inspired by Frida (July 2017)


  1. Beth, send the hot weather our way! Please! We have only had about two weeks of nice weather all summer. And we are going camping next week and I'd like it a little warmer than 68 degrees.

    Good job on the goals and that recipe sounds wonderful.

    1. Dear Chris, You can have all our hot weather (without the smoke) if I could just figure out a way to get it to you. When even the morning newspaper is warning readers to stay inside, air quality here has suffered! 68 degrees sounds wonderful to me. That's still shorts weather, right? Meanwhile, enjoy that camping trip. Tenting? Hiking? Cooking over a campfire? Have a lovely time. PS re the recipe, a waiter in Italy showed us the deep secret: pour a little olive oil over anything!


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