Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ROW80: Weds progress

Outside, the temps will be in the high 90s again, with the week ahead looking the same. Inside, I leave the windows open in the early morning, and the breeze smells so fresh. I'm still thankful for air conditioning. Imagine the 1840s when women wore long skirts, had babies at home, and in the summer, no air conditioning.

This week's progress on goals:

1. WRITING. Revised 3 chapters so far. Up to chapter 31 out of 67 (not counting what happens later today). Writing chapter summaries as I go. Feeling good about steady progress.
2. BLOGGING. Posted "I Hate Tailgaters" for Insecure Writer's Study Group on my writing blog to respond to their question for the month: "What peeves you when reading/writing/editing?" Check out the post HERE. Working on a plan for better blogging.
3. READING. Doing a little better on reading what others have written (x3/6 so far for the week). Currently reading Vickie McKeehan's Indigo Fire, a nifty thriller about a family abduction set in the Florida Keys. Reviewed Anne Baines' Hunting Delilah, another thriller about a feisty con artist who discovers a severed head in a freezer. Guess you can see I'm reading escapist genre stuff and loving it.
4. MARKETING. Circling around. No action. Yet.

OTHER: Yesterday was our 42nd anniversary so we celebrated with a movie (Dunkirk) and dinner out at a very nice restaurant called Clover here in Spokane. The waitperson (a kid, really) confided he had only experienced 'fine dining' for two months and was loving it. We loved our dinner too, exquisitely flavored -- from the caprice salmon appetizer, to the scallops with crab ravioli. No room for dessert. I should have taken a picture! Now I'm behind on exercising, diet, and quilting. Aargh. No wonder Wednesdays always feel like I'm behind.

Back to the writing. It is Wednesday, so here's a snippet as Cat, our fearless heroine, makes her way south by York Boat to Red River in Manitoba, 1840s. Yes, she's still disguised as a boy.

     Cat gagged the first time they saw a body. A man had been buried beside the river, but something had dug aside the rocks, and a skeleton gazed out at them.
     "Don't look if it makes you sick," said Pierre.
     “Won’t be the first one you see.” Lambidoux snorted.
     Thurston stopped to shape a rough cross of wood and reburied the remains at the top of the embankment.

Have a great week. May all your goals be met and the weather not quite as hot where you are. Tomorrow I'm teaching a workshop on getting started with writing. Should be fun. Check in with other ROW80 writers either on FACEBOOK or the WEBSITE.

Anyone catch the missing apostrophe???


  1. Great job on the revising. I totally need that mug. ;) I take a book/my kindle with me pretty much everywhere.

  2. Happy anniversary! That sounds like a wonderful celebration.

    It looks like some very nice progress on the goals. Yay!

    And I completely agree with you on the air conditioning. I am so grateful that we have it in our new house. Our old place (we moved almost two years ago now) didn't have it, and summers were rough.

    Have a great week!

  3. Looks like your goals are going well!

    Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I are coming up on our 17. :)


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