Thursday, October 9, 2014

First check-in for ROW80: Very late!

Life is settling down to whatever 'normal' is . . . though this last round of ROW80 promises to be just as busy. Hubby is doing very well since back surgery, and our daughter's new baby is slated to arrive at the end of October. She just might decide to arrive a little early! 

So my goals will be simple and subject to change, though the list remains long and seems to grow constantly.

Round 4 Goals (October 6 through December 25).

  • Write something every day for Rivers of Stone
  • Blog 3-4 times each week. 
  • Stay connected to writing communities, online and off. 
  • READ research, craft, and review writers I like. 
  • Continue work on marketing with focus on book clubs. 
  • Prepare upcoming presentations x3.
  • Commit to de-cluttering before end of year. 
  • Learn to say “no” as easily as I say “yes”.
  • Cherish each day.
And my progress so far? Slower than usual, but I hope to persevere.

Colobus Monkey, Jonzani National Preserve, Tanzania (Camp 2012)
So, goals for this week:

  • Finish that baby quilt!
  • Write 250 words a day on Rivers of Stone.
  • Crit x 2 and write reviews x2 (Allie Cresswell, Tiger in a Cage).
  • Blog 5 times on writing/travel/ROW80 blogs.
  • Read at least 1 research book by Weds.
  • De-clutter e-mail (currently nearing 3,000 e-mails; I hate to delete!).
May your own writing go well.


  1. Great list of goals. How exciting that you will be a grandma soon. All the best achieving all the goals!

    1. Thank you, Beverley. Second grandchild, but loved as much as number one!

  2. I love your goals this week, especially the last two - the balance is important. You must all be very excited, anticipating your new arrival. My daughter was an October baby too, and she was early :-) Good luck with the goals this week, and I hope to check in with you soon.

    1. Thank you! Balance is difficult to achieve, but especially important when the research involves library books. Re that arrival date, I think the new baby might be a 'trick or treat' baby!

  3. 3000 emails?!!? And I thought I was bad. ;) Wow. You better do some decluttering there. Congrats on the pending grandchild.

    1. Haha. I delete all spam and at least half of what I receive every day, but it's all too tempting to sign up for those newsletters on writing. And then I want to keep them. Delete! Delete!

  4. I love the picture, Beth. That's how I feel sometimes, like, "What's going on out there?"

    Though your list seems short, it sounds like you will be very busy. My personal suggestion: keep working on "Rivers of Stone", because I can't wait to read it! (Is that selfish of me?)

    Best wishes with everything, especially the grandbaby!

    1. Dear Chris, I can't imagine you being selfish . . . and your to-do list is pretty full as well. How do we do this? One day at a time. And I'm hoping that ROW80 check-ins will get me back to writing. Thank you for the encouraging words.


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