Sunday, October 30, 2016

On the Road Again: Row80 Sunday Check-in

Making the transition from a blog-based check-in for ROW80 to a FaceBook-based check-in has not been easy. Add in the usual distractions, and all I can say is I haven't checked in since September 19. I've missed the community of like-minded writers AND that twice-weekly accountability that keeps me assessing my progress toward very specific goals. 

For the last month or so, I've been distracted more by research and plotting issues than actually writing. We're now on the road for two weeks, and I couldn't bring all my library with (not even research files as I'm testing out a new laptop). Accomplishments so far: Following the old 'divide and conquer' rule, I have divided my story into 4 sections and attacked the weakest section by dividing it into another 3 sections, each with a story outline. Suddenly, I can 'see' those plot holes!

And then I remembered -- an online drafting site that offers a blank page with a word counter. I know this is not so different than a blank page in Word, but by ending each day's writing session with a focus question that relates directly to my story, I found myself really writing for the first time in weeks. As I write the STORY, my characters and their relationships are clearer, and I added 3K this week.

MY GOALS for the coming week are quite simple:
1. Write 750 words a day on Rivers of Stone for a total of 2,500 new words.
2. End each writing session with a focus question to guide the next day's story writing.
3. Market and support Veteran's Day reading November 12.

Well, you'll have to go over to Facebook to read what other ROW80 writers are doing. I'm sending wishes for a good week of writing and whatever other recreation comes your way as we edge closer through the 'October surprise' to Election Day.

Meanwhile, here's one highlight from our trip south, right through Malheur National Wildlife Reserve:

View from Buena Vista, Malheur, Oregon (Oct 2016)


  1. I'm still getting used to the Facebook check in, too. But I seem to be keeping up all right.
    I'm still torn between getting my current story out of me and into the computer and stopping to research first. I'm feeling that as long as the characters are prodding me, I should accommodate them. I can always research and make changes later.
    Best wishes!

  2. Always find what you have to say interesting and informative Beth . I'm nowhere near getting a novel started so am in awe of yourself and those others who do.


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