Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Round 3 ROW80: August 21 Update

Feels like almost 100 years and not just 4 months since I last connected with you folks who are continuing to write, set goals and post progress each Weds and Sunday for A Round of Words in 80 Days.

So, I'm back. Yes, I still have been setting goals and making progress (including major changes), but in charts and diary entries to myself. Our lives have been full. I tell myself that every decade has its own unique challenge, but one of the biggest has been a little less stamina. Yet, I'm stubborn and so will persevere.

Writing Goals Met:
--Overall goal: Finish draft for The Seventh Tapestry. Currently working on close review of first section and major rewrites (new first chapter affects all that follows). Mon-Weds: Reviewed 4-5 chapters each day.
--Writing blog: Today posted poem about Frida Kahlo for WEP/IWSG's August Challenge. You can read it HERE if you like.

Making Some Progress:
--Read blogs by others x7 each week. So far have read 6 posts.
--Followed up with trusted voice actor who's recording Years of Stone and Rivers of Stone for ACX release late fall. Despite some setbacks, she's back on track.

Nothing Done Yet:
--Work on memoir. Send Chrissy draft. This project is so big, I'm just not certain where to start or what to do next.
--NOVELS-L crit 2 subs by other writers each week. Plan to start subbing my own chapters for review once my current round of editing is reasonably on its way.

Set Aside for now:
--Marketing. Don't even want to think about it! Maybe start a promotion in the fall.

That's it for Wednesday night update. May your week go well, and may you enjoy these last two weeks of summer as those green leaves turn to brown. Beth


  1. Always always always lovely to see you, Beth!!!!!

    I've been in and out of participating. Life has been full of the unexpected, most of it good. Like you, I've been making progress, but mostly reporting it on Slack...

    Welcome back!


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