Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weds: Smaller is better . . .

Cup of coffee half-full? Half empty? Goals half-met? Wonder if I will do 'better' this week?

As I look back over last week, I realize that my 'to do' list is far too long. Yet, I'm having trouble winnowing out any one goal. All look good on paper. I think I'm OK if I just continue to put writing first (and trying to make the goal as measurable as possible). So for the coming week, trying to "Keep it real, dog," here are my goals:

1. Finish revising Section 2 of Years of Stone (edit 6 out of 7 days).
2. Work on Africa Presentation (draft 4 out of 7 days, find music/picture books at Library, review journals).
3. Prepare Mermaids for Smashwords (revise 3 out of 7 days).
4. Remove clutter from office and e-mail. Organize and let go.
5. Read craft/research (3 out of 7 days). 
6. Read, learn from and encourage other ROW80 folks (4 out of 7 days).
7. Blog at least one post to writing and one to travel blogs.

Other: Relax and let others take the lead as family arrives. Quilt a little. Clean house a little. Cherish quiet time.
Leda picking strawberries (July 2013)


  1. It looks like you've set up good, measurable goals to me. I'm right there in the organizing, decluttering boat with you - it's so hard to let go sometimes! Happy writing!

  2. Thanks for visiting. My office doesn't look like a bomb hit it, but there are still too many 'to-do' piles! May your week go well.


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