Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday check-in: NaNo, Cold weather, and progress!

Never thought I'd say this, but so far, for the first time ever since I started doing NaNoWriMo, I'm kicking butt and writing 1,650 words a day! 

Don't know how long this will last or even if it will last through the month, but just being able to write again is such a boost to my confidence in really writing something every day.

So here's my vote to writing challenges that challenge us to strive beyond our capacity: Yes!

That includes participating in ROW80 because this twice weekly check-in, even when I don't quite make the check-in every week or work at a very slow pace, the process of checking in keeps me focused on goals and making progress.

ROW80 Sunday check-in (goals and progress): 
--Keep writing 1,650 words a day on Rivers of Stone: Done!
--Blog x3 on writing, travel, ROW80 blogs:  2 posts done!
--Keeping current w/reading for ROW80 and Weds WIPpet: Good progress here; I'm keeping up w/assigned reading, but want to do more. Just barely published that snippet for WIPpet last Weds -- yanked right out of NaNo draft.
--Continue research for Rivers of Stone: Currently working on voyageurs, and women at Fort Vancouver in 1840s.
Still to do:
--Critique/review at least 2 other writers.
--Still need to send query to Australian Times.

Other highlights: Really enjoyed talking with Spokane Authors on Thursday about writing contests. Questions after were particularly interesting as one writer challenged me to define how I separate historical fact from historical fiction. Maybe grist for a post? 

In an effort to get Years of Stone more visibility in Australia, I wrote to an esteemed researcher in Tasmania -- who read both of my books and sent very useful comments back to clarify certain historical facts from an Australian point of view. What a gift! I especially appreciated her comment that my novel paints a realistic picture of life in Van Diemen's Land at this time. 

Now, back to real life. That nasty cold is nearly gone. I made meatball soup to die for, so I don't have to cook for a day or two, plus the old apartment smells really grand. That big old storm in the North Pacific will be pushing cold air down through Spokane next week, so thoughts of fall are fast disappearing. It's time to dig out those sweaters.

Finch Arboretum, Spokane (Camp 2014)
ROW80 writers: May your writing go well as you cherish each day!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing fantastic, as always! Me? I am still being lazy. I need more goals I think. Looking out my window right now, at a layer of snow on the ground, with a forecast of one foot (yes, 12 to 16 inches!), for tomorrow, hopefully I won't have anything but white stuff outside my window and that will keep me from looking out it so much. Keep my eyes on my fingers flying across the keyboard instead, right?
    Have a great week, Beth. Stay warm and dry.

    1. Chris, we got our first dusting of snow last night and temps in the 20s predicted for tomorrow. I still get excited at the sight of snow, not having grown up with it. Happily our apartment stays quite warm as we're on the third floor -- and the heat rises. I hope your keyboard calls you -- but it's OK to be lazy. You just might be ruminating about something new . . .and wonderful.

  2. Meatball soup sounds amazing...I must find a recipe! Excellent work on the daily word count - that is wonderful. I completely agree about ROW80 - it definitely helps me to focus. I hope you have a great writing week :-)

    1. Thanks for your note. I found the meatball soup recipe here (see below), but add a can of corn and garbanzos instead of the pasta, and don't worry about fresh basil in the winter. Lots of cumin too. Then cornbread muffins. Yes, I'm a foodie! Have a great week writing and ROW80-ing. Here's the link:

  3. You rock! Keep up those words, and you'll win NaNo! Good luck this week.

    1. Thank you, Lauralynn. One word at a time, that's how we rock!


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