Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ROW80 Check-in: NaNo Next!

No beating around the bush. This check-in just says my cold is slightly better, the drafting is kicking right along, and yesterday afternoon, little Ruthie was born.

ROW80 Weds check-in: Not much diversity to report since Sunday. So far, I'm drafting an average of 1,650 words a day on Rivers of Stone. What I like best is that I can't afford to worry about the perfect phrasing (micro) or the plot (macro). I'll probably have a mess by the end of November, but I'll know more about the story, and that's a good end goal for me. I feel closer to the characters and closer to the setting and storyline. Normally, I write between 250 and 500 words a day, but for the last month have not been writing much at all. NaNoWriMo is helping me break out of that. It's fun. So far.

This WEDS WIPpet snippet picks up Cat's journey west as she travels disguised as a boy, working as artist Paul Kane's assistant. It's November 1846, and a small brigade is crossing the Rockies. Here are 6 paragraphs for November 5 (November = 1 + 5):

Cat slung her pack on her back and crossed the compound to the cookhouse for something hot before she met Kane. What a commotion out in the staging area. Cat quickly counted over fifty horses in the turmoil as Indians, soldiers, and HBC servants loaded provisions and furs on their backs. Someone grabbed her arm.

“Careful there,” said Mary Lane. She pulled Cat back up on the verandah.

“Shouldn’t I help somewhere?” said Cat.

“Safest place is right here. We’ll have plenty to do later.”

"Who would think we would need this many horses?" said Cat.

Kane strolled out on the verandah. "That's because there's nothing between here and Jasper House," said Kane. "We either carry our food or we go hungry. Least that's what I've been told." He measured Cat with his eyes. "Not that you can afford to go without. Sure you don't want to stay behind and come out with the spring brigade when snow's not looming at us like a hungry wolf?"

Check out what other ROW80 participants are doing HERE. Read other 'snippets' from works-in-progress HERE. May you have a joyous week.

Leda meets her baby sister, Ruthie, yesterday, November 4. 

We wore face masks because of those nasty colds, but we got to share this moment with family.


  1. What a great name, Beth! :) (Although the only person who was ever allowed to call me Ruthie was my Aunt Ruth. *g*)

    Nice details in the snippet. And congrats on the Nano progress!

  2. This is a really exciting scene Beth. You give the impression of urgency and the need for your characters to get going. Great excerpt! :)

  3. Ruth, I had an Aunt Ruth, too! And, Beth, I have a second cousin named Ruthie, too. =)

    Welcome to the world, small one. <3

    I like Cat's strength, bravery, and daring- but I have to confess, I'm rather worried about her...and I missed the part where she began working with an artist. I guess I was busy writing stuff...

    My view on NaNo is that every word gained is a word more than I had before. I love the way it channels my energies into a single project, with intensity. Even if I need to do some major editing later, I feel that the intensity comes through in the essence of the writing.

    May you recover quickly, enjoy your time with those grandbabies, and deep creative flow. <3

  4. Beautiful baby!!!!! So glad big sister got to meet her.
    And I like the line about the snow at the end. Nice job!

  5. I love the picture. She seems much more interested in meeting her little sister than my daughter was meeting her brother. :)

    Loved the snippet

  6. Great snippet. But Kane's assessment of Cat does make me feel worried for how harsh the winter is going to be for her.


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