Friday, January 16, 2015

ROW80: Late but offering a free download!

I'm sorry to be late. The only thing I've gotten done since Sunday is getting my first promotion through BookBub ready to go.

For the next three days, 
from January 15 through January 18,
the Kindle version of
is available FREE.

When Lord Gordon threatens to destroy the only life that Mac McDonnell has ever known, Mac will need to decide what he is willing to risk to protect his family, his sweetheart, and his livelihood.

This is such a big step, my first paid promotion in an effort to reach out to new readers. So far, the response has been exciting and overwhelming, with downloads numbering in the thousands. Truly. BookBub sends out an e-mail to folks who love historical fiction with a link back to my book on Amazon. 

I'm feeling humbled by this response and hope if you like 19th Century historical fiction set in Scotland (or know someone who does), that you will consider checking out Standing Stones. Thank you!

My office is a disaster because I'm still deep in revision on Book 3, Rivers of Stone, still working with pencil and notebook. Had a very useful meeting with my F2F writing group. Reading aloud works to tighten at the word level, at least for me.

Hiking at Iron Mountain (Camp 2010)
In other areas: I'm finally getting back to exercise 3x a week (recovering nicely from those sprained wrists). Sewing stuff is piled up everywhere. I'm putting the sashing on my my pueblo quilt and finishing the flannel backs for three wheelchair quilts. But that old e-mail inbox is under 300. And I'm holding up my part as a ROW80 sponsor by reading what others post (about 10 folks).

So jump in. Celebrate your writing progress, your hard won insights into the writing process, and the gifts we have to observe, reflect, write, and share our work.

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  1. good luck with the promotion & revisions.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. The promotion will be over much faster than revision. I really would love to improve how fast I revise. Goal? Get my revision time down under 2 years. Maybe.

  2. Between rehearsals for Mousetrap and the writing, editing, and reading goals I set for this Round I am plugging along. Trying to balance the whole lot of it and getting there. Now to stop fighting with my current editing nightmare (a 1 act script) and beat it into submission. :-P

    Congrats of the book promotion! Huzzah dear lady!! :-)

    1. Mousetrap is such a good play. What part are you playing? Don't we always feel like we are not quite balancing all our commitments when we're engaged in intense work? Good luck with all, especially those revisions. Let me give you a wet noodle.


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