Sunday, January 11, 2015

Row80 A Snowy Sunday check-in

We've lived here for four years, and I'm still not used to the snow, though I now know how to stop a skid to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Maybe that's like Round 1 goals. My progress feels a bit like an accident, hit and miss, but I'm still persevering. Hope you are too.

--Finished the read-through on Section 01, Rivers of Stone.
--Blogging on schedule (3-4 times a week).
--Put all my poems from 2014 into an e-book format. Now for the fine tuning. Will work least 1 hour of this in the coming week.
--Currently on page 79 of The Company of Adventurers.
NOT YET: Reading any craft book.


--Finished a beta read for an indie author.
--Finished article for ROW80 sponsor; read posts 10x last week.
--Wrote 2 crits for NOVELS-L.
--Review 1 indie book by the end of this week.
--Interview 1 indie author for blog. 
--Participate more fully on GoodReads, Twitter, and my Facebook Author Page

Marketing: No progress at all any of these Round 1 goals:  
Continue outreach to bookclubs x2, Update websites. Evaluate promotion on BookBub that runs Jan 15-17.  Develop marketing plan that works for me. Send out one e-mail newsletter by January 10. 

Other: Still decluttering e-mails and computer files (slowly). Pieced 3 quilt tops (wheelchair size). Someone else will quilt these; they'll come back to me for binding. Still working through my UFO box (unfinished objects). Finished embroidering the last quilt block for my queen-sized Pueblo Quilt that I've been hand appliqueing for the last 2 years. Hooray! Now for sashing and assembly. 

A further comment about my writing progress this week. 

My motivational article for ROW80 is about trying a more productive process for revision. After researching and reading posts from my favorite editors, I drafted a new process. 

Thinking this would be a great way to start to 2015, I plunged into revision. But, instead of focusing on the 'big picture' first with a complete read through, I was immediately distracted into editing at the word level, sidestepping the benefits of having the 'big picture' clearly in mind. No wonder revision takes me so long!

Guided by Kait Nolan's conclusion, "There is no one way," I decided to continue following this new and more global revision process, but I am working at the section level. This will give me 'permission' to integrate new research and make those editing changes -- after that read-through of Section 1. Making progress now!

May your writing and reading week go well. Now check in with other ROW80 writers!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy, but still doing great :)

    That's a nice looking quilt piece! I've done some small art quilts, but never a full size one. Quilting is fun though, so that's a project for the future :)

    Best for the coming week!

  2. Good luck on the manuscript and the revisions!

    I'm totally with you on the decluttering. That is such an ongoing battle ...

    Love the quilt!


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