Thursday, March 24, 2016

ROW80: Goodbye to Round 1

I've changed my goals for this round so many, many times that I'm not sorry to see the end of Round One and the beginning of a little break before Round Two starts.

But something pretty awesome happened this round. I made a commitment to finish the draft of Rivers of Stone this year. OK, I've been writing, researching, drafting, and editing for three years now. I finished Section 4 yesterday, just under the deadline. Whoopee!

Here is my abbreviated progress report for Round 01. 

Writing. Finished second draft Sec04 on Rivers of Stone (top writing priority). Write 6 out of 7 days each week. Blog at least 2x week. Wrote 2 shorts for new edition of The Mermaid Quilt and drafted a few scenes for Granny Vampire. No progress on poetry book, novella, or Mothers Don't Die

Reading/Reviews: Read 4 books January, 6 books February, and 6 books March (total 16). Reviewed 2 books Jan, 1 book Feb, 3 books March (total 6). Kept up with sponsorship commitments for ROW80. 

Marketing/Community: Limited participation in social media & Spokane Authors. Postponed research trip to Toronto (summer 2016). Steady progress in reading writing magazines (writing craft), but no books.

Other: On target with quilting (2 comfort quilts completed, 1 baby quilt in progress). E-mails back up to 200. Very slow progress on exercise and on cutting back on that great temptation – ice cream. Still uncertain about the future as hubby not well. I've started another round of downsizing in case we need to move from third floor to first floor; we have way too many books. But on this week's walk, I saw red-winged blackbirds, the sun is out a little longer (daylight savings), and spring can be seen in the flowering forsythia.

I guess Round 1 of ROW80 was pretty good after all. Enjoy your break. Come back refreshed and ready to set those goals and make progress!


  1. Nice work and congrats on finishing River of Stone!

    1. Thanks, Erin. I do wish I were finished, but ROS has 5 sections and maybe two more months of editing . . . before betas. Perseverance furthers!

  2. I changed my goals around a lot in Round 1--but then it is the challenge that knows we have a life, so...I never feel too bad about that. Especially if in doing so, I'm still making forward progress. Because onward and upward, right? :D

    Also I think you are doing great, especially with with what is going on in your life. Perseverance, like you say, will bring progress. And I see awesome progress in your future. (Not that I can see the future, but you get the idea. LOL) Good luck in Round 2; can't wait to cheer you on as you knock out the rest of the sections for ROS!


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