Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ROW80 Weds Check-in: One Step Forward

OK, I'm finally over jet lag and finding a new rhythm to each day. We're home in Spokane. The birds are back, temps in the 40-50s, and no nasty cold wind swipes in from the north. DH's still an invalid, but there's slight improvement, so we're encouraged. We're watching some 'old' movies. Yesterday's highlight: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Here's my ROW80 check-in with BLUE for steady progress, GREEN for holding my own, and RED for by gosh, I have to get on these goals.

1. Writing. Worked 2/3 days (so far). I would love to finish Section 4 by the end of this round. Maybe. Still having fun with Granny Vampire (see below for a snippet).
2. Reading. Finished C. C. Hunter's Born at Midnight. With 360 reviews, she doesn't need my review, but I'll post one later. Now reading Tammy Andreson's Midnight Magic (from The LibraryThing) and will review.
3. Marketing. Finally! Queried Reaching for a book review by e-mail yesterday and got an invitation to sub. Mailed review copy today. Will look at one other possible review by Sunday.
4. Community. Hopelessly behind in reducing e-mail clutter. Back up to 160 e-mails in the old inbox. Did read and comment on 9 posts for the week so far.
5. Other: May exercise today. May set up the sewing machine. Making steady progress on the hand sewing for the baby quilt (30% done). Making soup for dinner -- an experiment with chicken broth,  garlic, fresh spinach, and little Shu Mai dumplings. Working on staying balanced.

It's Wednesday, so here's my snippet for WIPpet Wednesday, kindly hosted by Emily Witt. Based on the date, you'll find March = 3 + today's date = 9 = 12 sentences below from Granny Vampire, very much early in draft stage:

Sarah stopped on the Roman tiles in the front entry way as a wave of smell hit her in the face. Unwashed bodies. Urine. Her nose twitched, and she wanted to forget the cinnamon roll she had eaten for breakfast. A tall, skinny man hunched over a mop and moved it slowly back and forth in the same place. Here’s where I put my big-girl pants on, thought Sarah. I’m not staying in this place.

“Now, Granny, first impressions are not always what they seem.” Ron tugged at her arm. “Let’s go talk to the director.”

First impressions, my ass, thought Sarah. You just want to get rid of me.

And so we go, hurtling to Sunday. Checkout what others have posted for A Round of Words in 80 Days HERE and for WIPpet Wednesday HERE

In case you missed it, here's my motivational essay for ROW80, "And the Big M -- Mystery." Have an outstanding rest of the week!

Trumpet Flowers at Texas Botanical Gardens (Feb 2016)
Spring is coming to the North as well!


  1. Glad that spring is coming to your part of the country as well, even though that means more of the rain. It can rain here in Wisconsin all it wants, as long as the snow is gone. Have a great week.

  2. Oh, man. Yeah, I'm with Sarah on this. I'm sensing her first impressions are spot on.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. These are early days for this wip . . . just a few scenes and spunky Sarah.

    2. You go, granny! :)

      Congrats on your progress. Those email inboxes are out to defeat us, I swear ...

  3. email boxes!!:( hate them - get it down to a dozen then blink and it's way back up into three figures - lots of blues and green - keep smiling:)


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