Monday, March 21, 2016

ROW80 Check-in: It's Sunday, right?

Yesterday I took a day off.

Here's my ROW80 Sunday morning check-in one day late with BLUE for steady progress, GREEN for holding my own, and RED for no progress -- yet.

1. Writing. Worked 6/7 days on Rivers of Stone. Just 12 single-spaced pages left to edit to meet my goal of finishing Section 04 before the end of Round 1. This is a biggie, so I'm working hard.

2. Reading. Started reading the first of two books for beta comments. Excited about both. Also reading Sue Eller's enchanting Meadowlark Madness: An Emily Trace Mystery (think private investigator + birders + aliens + a few Star Trek references). I felt right at home from the very first page! 

3. Marketing. GOAL: By Sunday, read 25 pages in a marketing how-to book (DONE) and identify 5 action steps to take before March 30 (working on this).

4. Community. Working on deleting e-mails (back up to 185, so no closer to goal of under 100). Did read and comment on 9 out of 10 blogs this week (goal x10). Feeling rather far behind in this category.

Unfinished business: Still noodling over the theme for the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge that starts April 1. Today's the day I'm supposed to post my theme, and I haven't yet. 

Sometimes when I'm writing, I move from quilting to writing and back again; otherwise, I end up sitting in front of the darn computer far too long. This block is from Sandy Turner's "Birds in the Air" (her book Big-Print Patchwork). 

The pattern is a little more complicated than my skill level, but working on this first block reminds me that sometimes we work in faith on one small step at a time to find ourselves achieving our goals. You can click on the picture below to see more detail. 

Which brings me back to making a decision for the A-to-Z Challenge. My first priority is to finish Rivers of Stone.  So for the month, I could stay in that workspace, writing about whatever challenge pops up through the month. 

Or, I could write poetry. Or I could jump into something new . . . the memoir/family history that I've been putting off forever OR one of several ideas for a short novella, including that funny tale that hasn't gotten really started yet, Granny Vampire. Or the quilting murder mystery. Or . . .

Biggest worry? That if I work on something else, I may not finish Rivers of Stone.

That's where I am this Monday am. Check out what others have written for A Round of Words in 80 Days AND join in with this great group that knows somehow we all have a life! 

Thank you, Kait Nolan for being our host and chief sponsor through every round -- and for writing today's inspirational post: "How Marginal Gains Can Bring BIG Results." 

Hmmm. Just what I needed!

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot of ideas for your theme, just need to narrow it down! Good luck with that, and with Rivers of Stone. I know how you feel -- when something derails me, even another writing thing, my first worry is about progress. But you can do it. It's important to you, so I'm sure you'll make it happen. ;)


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