Monday, June 1, 2015

Row80: Sunday check-in with lightning

I can blame this afternoon's thunderstorms for knocking out internet. True, I was already one day late in posting my Sunday update, but power has been restored, life can resume -- with internet! 

ROW80 this week's priority:--Continue work on revamping structure/characters for Rivers of Stone. I can't measure what I'm doing, but I'm working every day on this. 
--Copyedit 3 chapters a week for Reaching:  On target.
--Edit 3 chapters a week for Mothers Don't Die: On target.
--Final prep for memoir class mid-June. 5 out of 7 days. 

--ROW80: Sub inspirational article (done), post updates Sun/Wed, read at least 8 other ROW80 writers this week. Steady progress.

Also for the coming week: 
--Write review for Sinful Folk by Ned Hayes. 

--Generate ideas for novella.
--Assemble poetry book/memoir.
--Declutter e-mail. Target delete 300.

--Edit memoir for friend: 3 chapters done. Waiting for her next sub.
--Review ACX audio of Standing Stones arriving June 1 (or so). 

Other goals: Continue quilting (office is a mess with 3 quilts in progress, fabrics everywhere, but neat designs emerging).

Check in with other ROW80 folks to cheer us all on HERE.

Picture below (shot out of the front of our car) shows the closest I've ever come to a tornado in Minnesota in 2007. We could feel the car lifting slightly as we drove under this massive cloud. As my mother would say, "Ooofta!"

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